There are so many glass accessories as this industry loves glass just like we do here at Elev8 Glass Gallery!

 Once you have your glass waterpipe or dab rig picked out you will need some glass accessories for it. Some of the most important yet overlooked accessories are picks and cleaners, but don’t also forget dab mats and protection cases for some of that heady glass. 

Adapters and Attachments

Glass adapters and attachments for all your smoking devices to hook them up to things or make them even more useful or user friendly.  When you are in the market for an glass smoking adapter you need to have some information such as the joint kind you need being male or female.  Then what size do you have and what size are you going to? Many times you will go from a 19mm male to a 14mm female, yet how there is not set standard in the industry you may need something that goes from a 10mm female to a 19mm male.  Here at Elev8 Glass Gallery we have a lot of glass adapters and attachments for your needs, but if we do not contact us and we can more than likely get what you are looking for custom made from the Elev8 Premier Glass Crew. Another attachment you may not know you need is a clip.  This is used to hold the parts of glass together that are of the same ground glass joint size.

Ash Catcher

Keeping your pipe clean is the primary purpose of an ash catcher.  They are an excellent attachment or addition to your water pipe or bong and we highly recommend one if you smoke a lot of herbs.  They function by being the first filtration system while also cooling the smoke. Because they are small they are easier to clean than your large water pipe.  Ash catchers come in a huge array of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. With a J-Hook attachment you can turn any ash catcher into a portable dab rig as well.  

When looking for an ash catcher for your water pipe you will need to take note of the joint size and gender of your ground glass on your pipe.  You will also need to take note of the bowl joint size and gender that you currently have and make sure you get the ash catcher that will match with your current set up.  Please take the time to study your piece and the ash catcher you are looking at getting to make they the work well together. The last thing we all want is for you to get your ash catcher that does not fit up properly.  

Ash Catchers work so well as they catch any resin or ash before it can enter your water pipe.  This leads to better flavor hits through your water pipe.


Dabbing is becoming all the rage for concentrates, and here at Elev8 Glass Gallery we have you covered with or selection of meticulously curated glass.  Near any water pipe or dab rig can be converted to work with a banger. We offer both titanium and quartz bangers for all your dab needs. Quartz bangers are great over borosilicate bangers as quartz is much more thermal resistant.  So when you use a torch to heat the banger and then drop in room temperature oil you will not have any worry of the banger cracking when it is made from fused quartz glass.

When looking for a new banger or your first banger you need to take note in what kind of rig or water pipe you will be placing this banger in.  You will need to take note of the joint gender and joint size you have so that you can get the perfectly matched glass banger. If you have any questions always feel free to hit us up by email, phone or social media.  

Dropdowns are an additional attachment many people find very useful for their dabbing needs.  These allow you to place your banger in it further away from the dab rig and the drop down also helps keep your rig cleaner by collecting reclaim before it gets to your dab rig.  


A bowl is the essential part to hold your herbs that you will smoke out of your water pipe.  Bowls are also known as slides when they do not have the ground glass connection. The bowl sits inside the downstem to make your waterpipe a usable smoking device.  Glass bowls come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When they feature a ground glass joint they can be of either gender and also come in one of 3 sizes, 10mm, 14mm and 18.8mm (19mm)  Make note of what you have so you get the proper bowl. Glass bowls can range in price from very affordable to very expensive when you go down the path of a heady glass bowl.


A carb cap is an essential tool designed to be used with bangers and domeless nails.  Without air going over the oils, the oils can not vaporizer into the air. The best way to use a carb cap is to heat your banger up to temperature, put your concentrate in with a dab tool and then place the carb cap on top of the banger.  As you inhale you will draw air directly over the oils allowing them to vaporizer off into the air and into your lungs. The carb cap is designed to have an air intake and and directional exhaust port. This exhaust port is what goes into your banger.  Without a carb cap when you inhale the air will flow just slightly over the oils not allowing them to catch in the air kinda like a convection oven. This will make your dab inhale small and eventually your banger will cool too much to be useful and will require you to reheat the banger to optimum temperature again.  With a carb cap you can fully enjoy a low temperature dab as the air will help extract the essential vapors from the oils leaving behind the fats and lipids. The best flavor from the terpenes is achieved with the use of a carb cap. All dab connoisseurs will use a carb cap when they are dabbing. Carb caps can range in price again from very affordable to very expensive.  It all comes down to the artist that made the carb cap along with the technique used to make the carb cap.


Keeping your smoking goods clean is a must and for that you will need some cleaning supplies.  Elev8 Glass Gallery has you covered with all the cleaning supplies you may need. Cleaning your glass or vaporizer on a regular bases will assure you always enjoy the best flavor.  Your friends will also appreciate the care you give your smoking units. For deep cleaning we have some amazing cleaners like the formula 420 brand and 710 cleaners. We also have an amazing durable cotton swab called the Tidy Tip to keep all your glass tidy and neat.  Bangers are best cleaned after each dab so stock up on some Tidy Tips. One last thing you may not think of is a plug for your ground joint or the mouthpiece of your water pipe or bong

Dabbing Tools

Elev8 Glass Gallery has you covered for all your dabbing tools.  The dab tool is an essential part of dabbing so that you can grab your concentrates and put them in your prefered method of consumption such as a vaporizer, e-nail or banger.  A good dab tool will usually have a small flat end so it can scoop the concentrate up and hold it, where a point may not be as good for this. Dabbers come in all kinds of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, soft glass, borosilicate glass, fused quartz glass and even silicone to name a few.  Concentrate dishes are also a great dabbing tool that you may not think of until you have a dirty dab tool and need to place it down and do not have a good spot. The dish is a perfect place to lay your dabbing tool onto. A dab straw also finds a concentrate dish to be a perfect place to lay itself down on.  What ever your dabbing need is Elev8 Glass Gallery can help you out. If you do not see something you need on our site, call us up, we may be able to help with really off the wall dab tools and supplies.


Water Pipes and bongs are a bit useless without the essential downstem. They fit into the glass joint on your water pipe and allow the smoke to travel from the bowl into the water reservoir of your bong.  Down stems come in a lot of shapes and sizes. One thing to note before you order is what size and gender is the glass joint on your water pipe. What size and gender are your bowels, bangers or attachments?  For more info on how to determine the proper size and length visit our knowledge section for glass on glass joint sizes and terms.  When picking your downstem you will need more info than other glass parts and that is the length of the downstem you need.  We measure here at Elev8 Glass Gallery from the top of the ground joint to the bottom of the resivoir. This is the length we use.  

Downstems can be created in all kinds of colors and be fitted with all kinds of diffusres like slits holes many tubes.  With all the different designs the user can get what they want for their personal needs.


Dropdowns are an attachment or adapter mostly used for dabbing.  Many dab rigs are small and this makes the banger end up close to your face.  With a drop down in place you are able to move the hot banger away from your face and work it more comfortably making your dabing life more enjoyable.  Another major benefit a dropdown offers is that it can act as a reclaim for your concentrates. Not only does the dropdown allow you to collect the reclaim more easily, it also keeps your dab rig much cleaner.  Things to note are what size and gender your water pipe or dab rig is and also what gender and size your banger, e-nail or vape attachment it. Please double and triple check this before you order so you get what you need.  


Water pipe grommets are used for older designs, yet are very desirable as they never get stuck unlike a ground glass joint would have the potential of getting stuck.  The grommet goes in a hole on your water pipe and then the downstem slides into this grommet. O-rings are also used for the bowl part of the grommet style water pipe or bong.  


When looking to store your herbs, concentrates or small accessories in a jar becomes the perfect tool for this.  Elev8 Glass Gallery has an nice array of colored and clear jars. The stash jar is the perfect place to store your stash of herbs and keep out of the environment.  

Stash jars tend to feature and air tight seal allowing them to lock in the aromas of the herbs and also preventing them from drying out too much.

Storage cases are made for storing your dab rigs and tools in one safe place.  As much of the heady glass is very pricy and many people like to take their dab rigs with them a protection case is a must.  


Dab mats or mood mats have made a special place in the industry.  Setting that heady piece of glass on a glass table, mineral table or a metal table may not always seem like the best idea.  This is where a mat comes in to be the perfect companion for your water pipe or dab rig. Many pads are made of a soft cushion material designed for the purpose of keeping your glass from hitting a hard contact.  The next style mat is a silicone dab mat. Unlike a foam mat if any concentrates get on the silicon mat they can be removed easily. Dab Padz has become a leader in the dab mat industry and we are proud to carry them.


Glass protection cases are perfect for the person who loves to take their heady glass on the go with them.  Most glass protection cases feature a very hard durable outer shell with a foam inside. Many good glass protection cases even feature what is called pluck foam.  This allows you to remove the perfect sections of foam to make a perfect fit for your glass rig and glass accessories in the protection case. The glass protection cases range from around 8 inches to 14 inches wide and are all about 5-6 inches deep.  Elev8 Glass Gallery understands the importance of glass protection for your heady glass, so we have meticulously curated only the top performing cases on the market.


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