Super Soaker Cleaning Container

  Pipe Cleaner Container

The Super Soaker pipe cleaner is the best tool for cleaning pipes, vape parts, dabbing parts and so many other small parts that need cleaned.

Soak your pipes or many other parts in this silicon container that allows you to reuse your expensive cleaner more than once.


Designed to work with most all SSV, DBV, ELEV8R, SideKick and so many other dab pen parts (NOT THE BATTERY EVER).   


When it comes to cleaning your pipes the Super Soaker helps give you confidence and allows you save the cleaner with the special spout!  Easily clean your pipes with a soak to keep them fresh! The cap is also a 10mm, 14mm and 19mm male plug to help with your bong and rig cleaning needs.


Dabs are messy!  But not when you have the Super Soaker cleaner.  Soak your carb caps, dab straws, bangers and dabbing tools to keep them ready for the next session.  Dabs are about flavor, so keeping your dab gear clean is a must, and the Super Soaker is here to help you with those needs.  With the plug from the Super Soaker you can more easily clean your rig with your favorite cleaner.


Better for the environment - No more shitty baggies
Weather proof
Shatter proof
Dishwasher safe
Oven safe (up to 450)
Microwave safe
Easy to clean
Easy to use


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