Elev8 Stage 1 Specs




July 15- Aug 31
You have plenty of time!!


  • Must be Delivered to Elev8 Distribution for knob completion and wand completion no later than Sept. 5.  We need time to get it all produced and photographed.  Voting is from Set.10 to Sept. 15 

  • Make a WandKnob, and Carb Cap for the Silver Surfer to show off the ability of the Silver Surfer that it can do dry herbs and concentrates

This is the temperature control for the Surfer.  The back can be pushed in with a metal dowel, or you can make a hollow part.  This needs to be able to accept the plastic part so the knob and be easily put on and off the Silver Surfer.




We highly recommend that the wand is completed by one of our top Elev8 Premier blowers.  We know you can do it, but if the part is not perfect we have issues.  We would appreciate the wand to be left just like in the picture with the blow tube attached and the end closed.  We will add the spherical flavor disc joint and open the back end to the perfect size.





This is to show off the versatility of the Silver Surfer.  This carb cap is like most carb caps, but it must have some dimensions proper or it will not fit the Dab Dish.



  • You will have to send us all this glass.  We will add the front to the wand, we will weld in the part for the knob and we will take pictures of it on the Standard Silver Surfer Experience WRS.

  • Elev8 Glass Gallery will host the glass on their site.  They will have it for sale, and it can be purchased, but it will not be shipped to the buyer until after Stage 4 is completed.  If the blower sells the glass, again it can not be shipped until after stage four is finalized.  So blower, sell the glass, but let the person know they can not get it until after stage 4

  • If for some reason the glass breaks while we are finishing up the wand we can not be held responsible.   All your glass will be handled as if it were ours, if not better, I mean we want this to desperately work.  If for some reason something unfortunate happens we will work with you to get it back to the original.   We do not expect anything to happen as the wand build is super easy and we also do it under a Bunsen burner, so we feel very very good about this.  

  • If your glass is broken during shipping we will send it back to you our we will work with you to fix it.  We can not be held reliable for broken glass, but we will do everything in our power to make it right if something does happen.

  • All glass needs to be shipped to ELEV8 SSV CONTEST 1450 Aviation Way, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916F

    • Fill out this FORM and you will be reimbursed for your shipping charges after stage 3 is completed.
  • Prizes will be paid out to winners no later than October 1, 2021


STAGE 1 Prizes

  1. $1000 in cash + 5lb Elev8 Butter Color + 5 lbs of Lined Tubing Northstar Color + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  2. $500 in cash + 2lb Elev8 Butter Color + 2 lbs of Lined Tubing  + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  3. $100 in cash + 2lb Elev8 Butter Color + 2 lbs of Lined Tubing + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  4. 1lb Elev8 Butter Color + 1 lbs of Lined Tubing + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker

  5. Elev8 T-Shirt + Bath Bomb + Super Soaker



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