Portable Vehicle

Portable Vehicles

Portable vapes are handheld, battery or butane torch powered devices that allow  people to enjoy the consumption of dry herb or concentrates on the go.

Compact, battery portable devices won't burden your pocket, and they will hide in your hand during use. But despite the stealthy size of these units, they often feature heating systems that deliver clean, smooth, and flavorful vapor.   Butane torch portable vaporizer while small require the torch to work them, so they in a since are more cumbersome than a battery vape, yet some torch vapes deliver the biggest clouds like the

Elev8R Vape.  

Some of the most innovative devices in the industry are portable as the manufacturers constantly try to get a desktop vape into a handheld vaporizer. Portable vaporizers are generally pocket-friendly. You can carry them around wherever you go, take a hit with the unit concealed in your hand, then pocket it and go about your day. Portable vaporizer devices are usually charged via USB or use replacement batteries, ensuring that you can power up from anywhere with a USB outlet or AC outlet (using a wall adapter).

The portable vaporizer has become one of the most popular devices in the industry, accommodating the on the go lifestyle, producing great tasting hits, and providing the most convenient experience possible.  When looking for a portable vaporizer one should take into consideration the materials it is made of like plastic, metal or glass. What is the heater made from? Is it ceramic or nichrome wire? Ceramic heaters will last much longer than a traditional heater.  How easy is the unit to maintain? This is a question many people do not think of until the time comes to clean. The SideKick is one of the easiest portable vapes to take apart and deep clean we have found.

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