Puffco Plus V2

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  Features: Portable Concentrate Pen Large coil-less ceramic chamber for oils New mouthpiece allows for easier scooping and loading 3-in-1 mouthpiece functions as carb cap, loading tool, and splash guard Len…

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  • Portable Concentrate Pen
  • Large coil-less ceramic chamber for oils
  • New mouthpiece allows for easier scooping and loading
  • 3-in-1 mouthpiece functions as carb cap, loading tool, and splash guard
  • Length: 6in
  • Metal Body
  • "Sesh-Mode" allows for 12 seconds of continuous heating
  • Three Temperature Settings
  • Cotton swabs
  • Compare to the Wax Maxer Vape Pen


The Puffco Plus V2 is a portable vape pen that acts just like a ceramic electric nail for those who like big hits full of flavor. Puffco has a reputation for amazing vape technology to deliver the highest vapor quality and the Plus V2 is no exception.

Free From Contaminants

The Puffco Plus V2 vape pen features a coil-free ceramic chamber. This change ensures more even heating and more importantly an exceptional taste. The design is kept to an absolute bare minimum too, being composed of just three parts: a mouthpiece, heat chamber, and battery.

Dab Loader For Portable Use

The mouthpiece doubles as a handle for the ceramic loading tool inside. This makes packing your concentrates easy, especially when on-the-go. This portable pocket nail dispenses a complete dose at all once for a hard hitting experience that easily beats out most conventional portables.

Ceramic Heater and Chamber

The all ceramic conduction chamber draws air through the side of the unit which they say adds an element of convection heating to the mix. And because there’s no metal coil inside the chamber your material will heat evenly with less burnt flavor. The chamber needs to be replaced every three months or so. A brass platted exterior gives the Puffco Plus v2 a luxurious glossy look that’s enhanced by the minimalist design. The Plus lights up depending on the temperature set with three different colors:

  • Green - 580
  • Blue - 650
  • White - 720

The 520mAh battery is good for up to about 50 hits, this depends on the temperature setting, however. Even if you run out, the super fast charger will get it back to 100% capacity in only 35 minutes so keep an adapter handy if you’re out and about. The charger will light red when charging, green when it’s finished.

Operating The Puffco Plus V2

To start using the Puffco Plus v2 click button five times to turn it on. Screw off the mouthpiece, dab your contents onto Dab Tool, and then screw back on. Position the unit vertically while in use for the best heat transfer and to keep your material in one place. Finally, just press and hold the button while inhaling. It only takes one second to heat so you can get going right away. Try placing your waxes and oils directly on the plate for best results, the dart is better suited for on-the-go use when you need to dab quickly. It’s also a good idea to clean in between every few draws to maintain the nicest flavor and keep it clean. Low and slow draws ont eh Puffco Plus V2 usually give the best vapor quality, but experiment with what works best for you. It’s also recommended not to hit more than four times in a row to keep chamber in good working condition. This stops getting the mouthpiece too hot, too.  Need some extra time to relax while taking hits? Double tap cloud to enter ‘sesh mode’ where heat stays activated for 12 seconds. Pass to a friend or get greedy and enjoy it all for yourself. Cleaning is a snap due to coil-less chamber. Just enter sesh mode to allow chamber to fully heat, then use cotton swab to wipe it off.


  • Charger
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Dart
  • Grip
  • Manual
  • Mouthpiece

Technical Specifications

  • 0.5” x 5.25”
  • 520 mAh Lithium-ion
  • 580F - 720F
  • Waxes

1 Review

  • I love these BUT...

    Posted by John Hamilton on 8/5/2020

    First time I tried one was my buddies. Ripped awesome and I said heck why not grab one? I'd read about stories about Puffco Peak's and batteries dying but not about the Plus V2. Battery crapped out in less than 10 days. But Puffco got back in touch with me about a week later with a 1-day shipping label for them to check out. Cool I said. Currently I am waiting on the result back but I know several people with these devices and they are working great. Don't know what went wrong with mine and I babied it and followed all the instructions and kept it spotless. Guess I just had bad luck with mine but hopefully if I get a new battery and charger I will be fine. We'll see.

Puffco Plus V2

Puffco Plus V2

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