First Saturday - Glass and Freedom


6331 EAST PLATTE AVE. 80916

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July 2, 2022


The ultimate community event bringing veterans, glassblowers and you together in Colorado Springs.  When looking for something to do, the First Saturday event is what you are looking for!

At each event we offer a shortened FREE glass blowing class to veterans, children and anyone in need of that adventure in their life.

 Past Events 

July 4th is coming soon!  We know you like fire!  We have it as well as some simple BBQ, good music and most importantly the Elev8 crew will be here! 






If you are a glassblower and want to join us we would be honored! You can come and just hang out with the Elev8 crew and the local Elev8 family, or you can come be a part of the Elev8 event! 

So you do want to join us! Well, if you want to join us you will get a meal on Elev8. For your efforts and donation Elev8 Premier will compensate you with Trippy Tech prep. So, if you donate $100 worth of you, we will give you $100 worth of color. 

You want to join the battle tops also! This is a really fun event! What you do is make a top and who ever has a top that spins the longest wins! What is the catch? Well, you must win the double elimination battle. You win by outspinning your competitor. You will battle other competitors until you are the winner! 

What do you win in the battle tops? Elev8 is donating a large chunk of trippy tech, and 2 pounds of pulled color of your choice. 




This month will be a shorter event do to the cold.  BUT, it is still dope!  Elev8 Veterans will go over the Silver Surfer vaporizer and why it is perceived to be the healthiest way to consume and why it is the consumption method of choice for vets.  The glassblowing team will go over lined tubing, switch balls and how they are made.  This is open to vets, glassblowers and the public.



As we get ready for Halloween we want to celebrate with our best friends.  Come join us as we watch some dope glassblowing, eat some local eats, watch these crazy critters and get to know some veterans.








Color Pull & Collaboration







Pic Roast



Elev8 First Saturday Glassblower Participation Form


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