Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs or some call oil rigs a water pipes made for concentrates or dabs.  Dabs can be really any kind of wax, shatter, live resin, but it all vapes using a heat source, so water cooling makes the experience of dabbing much better.  

Dab rigs are usually small, provide filtration, but not a lot, have little drag and are just really cool.  Dab rigs range from a simply mini tube to the very complex recycler and all in between.

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What to look for in a dab rig?

Budget - The first thing to know when looking for a new dab rig is what is your budget.  There is no need to go outside your budget, it is about getting a great piece of glass.  The more color on the dab rig, the higher the price.  Also, the more attachments, tubes and all the techniques will increase the price of the dab rig.  We think American glass is the best, but not all can afford it, so we do have a great selection of foreign glass, and even hybrid glass made the way you like. 

Joint Size- We feel a 14mm female joint is the best option, it is middle ground.  19mm is a big joint and more for a large bong.  The 10mm is great, but is a bit small for many.  You can always get an adapter to help with your dab rig fitting the right banger or even a water pipe adapter for your desktop vaporizer

Aritist Style- Glass is a work of art, so why not splurge a little on yourself and an artist.  No medium on earth is like glass, and this is what makes the most heady dab rig.  


Dab rigs can work with many electric enails and desktop vaporizers like the Silver Surfer.   But an electric dab rig will always take a particular piece of glass, making it a pointless dab rig if the battery every goes bad.  

We feel a banger or in all honest an enial with a dab rig is the best way.  The Elev8 line of desktop vaporizer featuer a dab dish that a connissour can fine tune to their prefered dab hit.  By the way, this machine helps keep your dab rig cleaner longer.

Cleaning your rig is essential to keeping good flow and low restriction.   Clean your dab rig offten

1. Empty your dab rig, you can rinse with warm or hot water (what you can stand).
2. Fill with some isopoyal alcohol and we also like coarse sea salt.  Cover the holes and shake.  You can even use the stopper from the Super Soaker to help with this.
3. Rinse with warm water and make sure the is NO alcohol left.  

Do not breath the alcohol, its not good

Fill it as much as you can, so that you DO NOT get water in your mouth when using it.  If you fill it too much, just dump some out.

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