Bong or Water Pipe - 18 Inch Design your Own Beaker

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Water Pipe Design:
Beaker Tube
Pick Your Own Colors
Rig 15-18 Inch
Joint Type or Size:
14mm Female
Warranty Lifetime
Foreign Artisan Made

Custom make this 18 inch bong or water pipe the way you want it!  This is super freaking thick.  Order in just clear for $125, or add colored frit for only $75 An exemplary example of a hybrid Elev8 Glass water…

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Now: $125.00
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Custom make this 18 inch bong or water pipe the way you want it!  This is super freaking thick.  Order in just clear for $125, or add colored frit for only $75

An exemplary example of a hybrid Elev8 Glass water pipe when paired with a color section. You can get just the clear piece made by our very talented foreign team to the highest of quality standards. The welds, the thickness of the glass and love that goes into this amazing 18 inch water pipe is hard to capture in pictures, but you will for sure be blown away when you get this in your hand. Then there is the color that involves the Elev8 Premier team who takes a raw tube and then cuts a chunk out with fire. Next they take a colored frit slug (or any custom slug you can imagine) and weld it into the beaker bottom and top. Then you have this super dope custom piece you get to create!

How This Works:

  • If you want this all bong all clear and no customization, pick clear for both primary and secondary.
  • Look at our color combos we have in the images and see what colors you like best. We have picked these colors as they work phenomenal with the best compatibility in boro color.

  • Pick your fist color as the dominant color

  • Pick your second color as the secondary strip color

  • Each one is hand done so they will look similar to the images, but will not look the same.

  • If you pick clear for your second color the full piece will be the Primary Solid Color

  • If you want to get color section like the rasta you will have to call us. It is the same price but we could not make this option work



  • 5mm THICK borosilicate tubing

  • 19mm handmade joint

  • 19mm to 14mm ground glass downstem

  • 14mm bowl or banger

  • FULLY upgradeable to 1000's of color patterns of your choice

  • Eligible for our phoenixoathsmall.jpg







4 Reviews

  • Nice and heavy

    Posted by d scott on 12/17/2019

    This is a good solid product - you will not be disappointed in the quality. I designed mine with an additional Marble and love it - nice and simple but looks really good. I enjoy the beaker bottom much better than the standard tubes.

  • Heavy Hitter

    Posted by Connor Conatser on 11/22/2019

    The long tube allows for wayyy larger hits. Be prepared to be in over your head within 3 - 4 hits from this monster.

  • Great piece

    Posted by Pablo Taskey on 9/1/2019

    Awesome piece that functions really well!

  • Simplicity at best

    Posted by John Bentley on 3/12/2019

    Sometimes the simple beaker is the piece I want to most smoke out of. If your missing one of these in your arsenal (or you're brand new to smoking) this water pipe is a must-have classic

Design Your Own Water Pipe With A Frit Section

Bong or Water Pipe - 18 Inch Design your Own Beaker

Was: $150.00
Now: $125.00
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