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Glass Marble & Pendant Art

Glass marble and pendants are some of the most mesmerizing glass ever produced.  Marbles have been around for so long and we have a great selection of glass marbles here at Elev8 Glass Gallery.  When a person really want to show off to the world their love of glass art, pendants are the work of art that most people pick.  Glass art pendants have been around for hundreds of years, and today they are growing in popularity as the cannabis industry expands and people fall in love with glass art.

Pendants and marbles can become addictive once you start to know how the glass is "put in there".  Knowing how a pendant or glass marble is made only makes a person want more.  

If you see a glass pendant or marble made by Elev8 Premier and want it remade, we can for sure help you out with that!  No marble or pendant can be reproduced perfectly, allowing each person that owns an art glass pendant or marble to be the only one in the world with that design.

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