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This is the replacement glass water pipe adapter for the Elev8R Vaporizer. The glass of the Elev8R is made with borosilicate glass in Colorado Springs by Elev8's own glass blowing team called Elev8 Premier


**This does not include the Elev8R quartz heater**



  • May or may not have a frosted end.  As our industry expands with new tools and techniques, designs will change.  We have decided to make the switch so as things move you may get the new un-frosted end.  The joints used to be called ground glass joints as they had to be ground, but with better tools, the joints can be made without the grind.  It takes longer to make an all clear glass joint, but the look and function for our industry is better.

Additional Details

14mm Male
Elev8R Vape

3 Reviews

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    Published by Unknown on 8/12/2021

    This thing works great. If your in search of big hits close to the old way of smoking this is your vehicle. I did wind up getting the heating element to have more consistent sessions.
    but the torch works well if you prefer.
    cant say enough
    only down side is it uses quite a bit of herb
    But it does do a great job of extracting every bit

  • 5
    Prefer to the glass screen bowl

    I much prefer the wire screen to the glass (have both). I like the IDEA of the glass WPA-bowl, but the screened version works better for me.

    Either way, top notch vehicle and I prefer to run my elev8r through my rig. This is a simple bowl with screen, tapering to a 14mm male joint. It performs perfectly for me.

  • 4
    Best hits of all time from a Vape. Put a Volcano out of action.

    The All Glass Elev8r is the finest vapouriser on the market. Taste does not get any better. No metallic tainting from screens. Only 4 stars because I got hit with €30 import tax for a $40 dollar item, but mainly and this is a very important point: There are two circles/rings of holes in the glass bowl, the inner ring with another hole right in the centre of the bowl. There's also an outer ring of holes near the wall of the bowl. With my bowl, the way its made, some of the holes in the outer ring are embedded into the wall of the bowl during its making, thereby Restricting the airflow in those holes. They are also more prone to clogging during a bowl after a few stirs, as they are smaller. This, in my opinion is a major flaw for a premium vape. It results in one side of the bowl cooking more than the other, very visible during a hotter session. When I'm getting another bowl, I'll be requesting that the outer holes are unrestricted.
    A J-hook is out of the question, must use with a water pipe, the water catches the particles coming through the larger screen holes.
    No need for the sick clip when using vertically in a water pipe. A test tube holder, 14mm & 18mm stands are very useful additions that should come as standard in the kit.
    The DHgate test tube holder is great.

    This is one of the few vapes that can offer massive bong hits at high vape temps, still very smooth, with no off tastes. It impresses smokers.
    Those kind of high vape temps are tainted by metallic and plastic tastes with electronic non glass vapes.

    Congratulations to the Elev8r crew, some well deserved respect for this creation.

    Thanks for keeping the glass arts alive and kicking,

    Kind regards,

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