SideKick Vehicle V2

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SideKick Vape

Why choose a Sidekick Dry Herb Portable Vehicle (Vape)? This portable dry herb heat extraction is built for the connoisseur on the go.  Easy to use and easy to maintain so you consistently get the hit you want.&nbs…

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Why choose a Sidekick Dry Herb Portable Vehicle (Vape)?

This portable dry herb heat extraction is built for the connoisseur on the go.  Easy to use and easy to maintain so you consistently get the hit you want.  The SideKick has more features than any other portable dry herb vape on the market.



  • Stir Tool Built-In
    • Conveniently stir your bowl without taking off the lid.  
    • Keeps the herb from cooking too much on the outside and not on the inside
  • Super Cool Hits
    • 11 inches of air travel built into the vortex cooler
    • Combined air path of 16 inches making the SideKick the coolest portable hit on the market
  • Digital Control
    • Provides the visual for 21 precise heat settings
    • Battery life and run time
  • Replaceable Batteries
    • Sidekick V2 Vaporizer uses 1 18650 flat top batteries
    • Get more batteries to keep the Sidekick running for hours
    • Batteries eventually will always fail, so the weak point is removed 
    • Comes with a charger able to charge 2 batteries at one time, as well as a USB port so you can charge your phone at the same time
  • Large Ceramic Heater
    • Long life with the heating element protected from oxygen degradation
    • Holds approx. 1/4 gram
  • Glass Mouthpiece
    • American hand-blown glass mouthpiece made by our in-house Elev8 Premier glassblowers
    • Lovely feel when putting to your lips over a plastic mouthpiece
  • Ergonomically designed
    • Fits perfectly in both your right or left hand
    • Designed to stir the bowl with your thumb or finger
  • Super Easy To Clean
    • Easily disassemble the unit for easy cleaning
    • Stainless steel air path tubes are removable for cleaning
  • Value!
    • The unit, battery, cleaning kit, storage bag and the ability to work with dry herbs and dabs when a small amount it mixed with dry herbs.  We do not believe a unit should do both after years of vaping.  If you want to do concentrates only, check out our wax maxer



 What's in the bag?

  • Sidekick V2 Portable Vaporizer with Stir Mechanism and Vortex Cooler
  • Hand-made Glass Mouthpiece
  • 1 Rechargeable 18650 Batteries (with an external charger, storage caps, and date stickers)
  • 1 Cleaning Brush with Alcohol Cleaning Pads
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • Small Bowl Tongs/Scoop
  • Sample Size Mouthpiece Coconut Oil Lubricant








 Battery Safety

  1. Do not keep your batteries in a pocket or bag with loose change or keys
  2. Replace damaged batteries or batteries with torn wrappers
  3. Do keep your batteries in approved battery cases such as the battery caps when not in use
  4. Do not leave your batteries in your car
  5. Keep your battery charger where you can see it; Treat it like an open flame.
  6. Store your batteries between 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (5 to 26 degrees Celsius);­
  7. Batteries will need to be replaced every 3-12 months depending on use


We will be offering a 30-day warranty with each Sidekick V2 , extendable with a registration. With registration, the vaporizer itself is covered for 1 year, and the heater is covered for 5 years. We will gladly accept any new, unused items for return or exchange within 30 days of purchase. Shipping is not refundable. We cannot offer returns for used items.

*Please be advised: Sidekick V2s can currently only be shipped using FedEx due to shipping laws regarding lithium-ion batteries. For this same reason, we can only use express shipping to customers in Alaska and Hawaii until further notice*

Outside Reviews & Testimonials

"So far after a few months, I can’t say that I have any complaints. I am able to to get nice, full hits and get the expected flavor enhancements that I get from other top-tier handheld vaporizers. It may not replace my everyday habit of using a bong or rolling up however it has worked reliably and consistently. If anything I would say the more I use it, the more I am able to use it efficiently and effectively."


20 Reviews

  • Good....but

    Posted by Mike on 4/16/2021

    This vaporizers is everything it is advertised to be other than it's claim to be something to be used to provide anonymity while getting cannot hide the odor of vaping....and will give you away at times. Other than that it is great!

  • Everything you could want from a portable vape.

    Posted by Fernando Gracia on 4/15/2021

    Let me say first off that this vaporizer has some of the best tasting vapor I've ever experienced from a portable unit. If you hate that plastic taste at the end of a session this vaporizer knows no such thing! Their may be some more ergonomic vapes out there but after years of using 7th floor vapes I know them to be some of the most reliable products I've ever owned. If you ever have an issue with anything they will do everything they can to help and bring a solution. So when you buy a vape from 7th floor know you ur going to have it for a very long time and its going to taste amazing!!

  • Sidekick V2 Vaporizer

    Posted by Luetta Summy on 2/11/2021

    My first vaporizer and I'm so glad I got this one. Absolutely perfect fit for taking along when camping.

  • Premium product

    Posted by Doorlord on 11/19/2020

    I’m really impressed with the control and consistency of this device. It will pay you back in time with how efficiently it produces vapor. I’ve used a pax V2 for years, and the sidekick beats it on evenness, capacity, vapor temp, and power.


    Posted by LeLadybird on 10/27/2020

    Awesome compact. Not really what I would consider to be a pocket style portable, but, with the totally awesome bag that is included, this unit is fantastic for camping.

SideKick Vehicle V2

SideKick Vehicle V2

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