What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer & How Do Vapes Work?

Posted by Elev8 Presents on 1/17/2023

What Is A Dry Herb Vaporizer & How Do Vapes Work?

Dry herb vaporizers are the healthiest, cleanest, and most efficient way to enjoy your favorite herbs!

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Dry herb vaporizers have been on the market for a long time. The first dry herb vaporizer units that hit the market in the early 2000s were cheap ‘box vaporizers’ that were hard to control, inefficient, and the parts would easily break and could not be replaced. This all changed when Steve Kelnhofer designed the Silver Surfer Vehicle (SSV) in 2004, improving upon the ‘box vaporizer’ design in every way imaginable. Dry herb vaporizers like the SSV are designed to boil or ‘vaporize’ the oils and resins off of your favorite dry herbs so that they can be inhaled without needing to combust the plant material. This eliminates a lot of harmful compounds associated with combustion, and increases the bioavailability of the essential compounds in the plant once inhaled. There are also countless other benefits which make vaporizing the best way to consume your favorite dry herbs!

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers heat your favorite herbs to extract all the essence in your herbs. In cannabis there are around 140 cannabinoids and many of them vaporize at different temperatures.  You can learn more about these compounds and their optimum vaporization temperatures at our blog the art of vaporizing.  As the herb is heated each compound reaches its boiling point, transforming into a vapor which you then inhale through the vaporizer unit's "vapor pathway".

How do dry herb vaporizers work?

Dry herb vaporizers use heat to gently bring the compounds in your favorite herbs to their boiling point.  When the compound reaches its boiling point it vaporizes off the dry herb.  This is much like when water is heated and the water turns to steam.

Dry herb vaporizers utilize a heater to get the heat needed to vaporizer your dry herbs. This can be done 1 of three ways such as conduction, convection or a hybrid.  Each way has pros and cons for different situations or if it is a portable or desktop dry herb vaporizer.

Conduction dry herb vaporizer design:

This is the oldest design used for dry herb vaporizers that goes back maybe 20+ years, if not even longer.  What was called the fishbowl vape was one of the first to use this design.  This worked but it had to be worked also.  

The conduction dry herb vaporizer works by using a heating chamber, bowl or over to heat the herbs to their vaporizing temperatures.  This is done by means of the herbs contacting the sides of the heating chamber.  Direct contact is basically conduction vaporizing.  When using a conduction style dry herb vaporizer we find it best to use a fine ground herb.  This allows more surface area to come into contact with the heating surface making more contact, which makes bigger vapor hits.  We also suggest packing the bowl slightly tight, but not so tight its a bail of hay.  

A few conduction vaporizers out there are the PAX 1, 2 and 3, Da Vinchi IQ, Dynavap Vapcap as well as others.  This conduction style is one of the most efficient designs for saving of power and is why many portable dry herb vaporizers utilize this design.

Convection dry herb vaporizer design:

This design later came around because it is very efficient for your herbs and also gives some of the best flavor delivery.  Not to say that conduction dry herb vapes are not good, they both provide different flavors that a vape connoisseur will appreciate.  

The convection dry herb vaporizer design works basically utilizing the hot air created by the vaporizer.  This hot air is what heats your herbs up to their compounds vaporizing temperatures.  You can learn more about compound vape temps by visiting the Art Of Vaporizing.  We recommend stirring your bowl every hit or two to allow a very uniform vapor experience and to fully extract all the essence of the plant.  There is actually one portable dry herb vaporizer that has a stir tool built into it to help get a uniform extraction. As you inhale or the bag is filled on a desktop or portable vape, the air gently warms the herbs releasing the essence of the plant.  

Some great convection vaporizers are the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, Volcano Vaporizer and Herbalizer. 

Hybrid (conduction + convection) dry herb vaporizer design:

This is a type of dry herb vaporizer that uses both vaping techniques to vaporize the essence from the plant.  This type of hybrid vaporizing is mostly used in portable dry herb vaporizers as it is the most efficient use of the heater, saving as much of the battery power as possible.  

hese hybrid vape units work by the oven or heater does a lot of the heat power via conduction.  The dry herb vaporizer then utilizes as much heat from the outside of the heater and brings it to the herbs to help extract more vapor from the inside of the herb that is not touching the heater.  In combination the conduction and convection bring a slightly larger cloud then pure conduction, while a pure convection delivers still an amazing hit every time.  These units give the vape connoisseur a great flavor from the beginning of the session to the end of the vape session.

Some great hybrid vapes are the SideKickMighty Arizer Solo 2.

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Elev8 Glass is a team of highly skilled foreign artisan glassblowers who design and manufacture our budget line of glass products. Many of these foreign artisans come from families that have been blowing glass for multiple generations. When you buy an Elev8 Glass water pipe you are getting a high quality product at a more affordable price, but don’t let the price fool you! Elev8 Glass pieces are still entirely handcrafted using the same methods and techniques which are common to all borosilicate lampworkers. All Elev8 Glass also can be upgraded with the Phoenix Oath Glass Warranty.

Elev8 Ambassador is our brand ambassador program, formerly known as Elev8 Dolls and Elev8 Gents. Elev8 Ambassadors are representatives for the Elev8 lifestyle, and our Ambassadors help us spread the word about our many products and services by reaching out to people and organizations in their respective communities who might benefit from the products and services that we offer. The Elev8 Ambassador program is divided into three tiers depending on the Ambassador’s level of involvement, with the highest tier earning sales commissions for any wholesale orders which they facilitate.

Elev8 Veterans is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping military veterans who are facing the difficult transition of returning to civilian life. Elev8 Veterans hopes to achieve this mission by giving military veterans tools that can help them rehabilitate and adjust to society outside of the armed forces, often through alternative therapies like medical cannabis and therapeutic activities like glassblowing. Elev8 Veterans regularly organizes events to spread awareness about the condition of military veterans in society. Glassblowers who attend their monthly First Saturday events can create pieces which are given to Elev8 Veterans as tax-deductible donations, and Elev8 Veterans sells the donated glass to generate funding for their mission. Elev8 Veterans also works to provide veterans free or affordable access to safe cannabis vaporizers made by Elev8 Vehicles, like the Silver Surfer Vehicle, and Elev8 Veterans works with Elev8 Premier to provide free glassblowing classes to military veterans as a form of alternative therapy. This allows veterans to find a healthy creative outlet while also giving them access to a potential source of needed income.

Elev8 University is a comprehensive teaching tool designed to educate customers, staff, and our partners about Elev8, the products that we make, the services that we provide, and the cannabis and glassblowing industries in general. This is a great program for anyone who is taking on a new job in our industry, and the course will get you up to speed on all the industry standards and established terminology. Take it to the next level of education with our Wholesale Elev8 University.

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Dub Saq is an Elev8 brand that focuses on creating fashionable, high quality storage bags and containers. The vaporizers manufactured by Elev8 Vehicles are famously packaged in durable carrying bags which were specially designed for our desktop vapor delivery vehicles. The original Silver Surfer Vehicle bag was the inspiration behind the first Dime Bags, and when Elev8 separated from Dime Bags we began exploring the possibility of creating our own line of aesthetically pleasing and durable storage bags and containers. Dub Saq aims to create the best and most beautiful bags and containers, like The Trunk which is hand cut and assembled from quality hardwood ply here at the Elev8 Distribution facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Simply-Soluble is a health, wellness, and beauty brand that was born from the creation of a unique water-soluble CBD formula which, as the name suggests, was simply soluble in just about anything. Simply-Soluble CBD can be used to infuse CBD into drinks, foods, lotions, topical salves, there are too many options to list! Simply-Soluble also produces a wide range of health and beauty products which are available with or without their signature CBD solution.

Elev8 Pizza Co. is a new brand which we created for our first ever food truck! Elev8 Pizza Co. is setting itself apart from the pack by offering the world’s first true smoked pizza, a process which we’ve perfected and an amazing flavor which we want to bring to the world. For now Elev8 Pizza Co. only operates in the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, but one day we hope to expand Elev8 Pizza Co. into more cities, with a fleet of trucks and a heap of smoked pizzas for the masses.

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