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SSV Design Your Own Desktop Vaporizer and Diffuser - Wave Rider Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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Warranty 1-3 Year

 Design Your Own Wave Rider SSV!  Put your own image on a Silver Surfer! This WRS will be a one of a kind device made just for you. You will get the #2 and our founder Steve will get the #1 for his display col…

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 Design Your Own Wave Rider SSV!


 Put your own image on a Silver Surfer! This WRS will be a one of a kind device made just for you. You will get the #2 and our founder Steve will get the #1 for his display collection of #1s. No other unit will ever be made than the #1 and #2, ever.  We require 300dpi imagery as our printing and sublimation process is extremely detailed.  

In the digital age many of you will have your art in a digital format and may not be able to know if your art is 300dpi.  For this we can suggest to use art that is at a minimum of 1920x1080 at 72 dpi.  Here we also recommend that the higher the dpi, the better.  

Download the template PSD Template Here.

Please submit your image to so it can be approved.  If we have any questions we will get back to you.  The Wave Rider Series is very special to us so we will not ever print anything that looks bad.  The resolution quality needs to be very high, if it is not high enough we will just can not print poor quality as the Surfer is the premier device in the galaxy. 

Once you have put your art on the template you can email us the file as the highest resolution you can save it as a JPEG.   

You can also browse through our in-house, artist, and band designs here. 

If you don't have your own image but have an idea for one, we can create a design for you! There is a $100 hourly charge for custom work, and the first hour is non-refundable. Contact us for details. 

The Silver Surfer Vehicle® was the first device to employ a ceramic heater element and pure glass-on-glass air flow for the best possible flavor. And now, 100,000 units and ten years later, Elev8 continues to dominate the desktop vape category with the SSV, noted for its simple operation, versatility and durable design. Each unit is assembled and tested by American workers - not in China or Germany or some nameless overseas factory - but hand-crafted in Colorado Springs, CO. Our talented staff of glass-blowing artisans provide the finishing touch with a custom made, hand-blown temperature control knob - ensuring that no two Silver Surfers on planet earth are alike.

Features of the Silver Surfer

What's in the bag?

  • Silver Surfer Vehicle assembled with a hand-made glass Temperature Knob and Heater Cover

  • Padded Storage Bag made of a durable hemp and polyester blend called "hempster"

  • Packet of 10 Replacement Screens for your Whip Wand

  • Glass Whip Mouthpiece

  • Hand-made glass Whip Wand with Bowl

  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick

  • Whip Tubing made of food-grade vinyl

  • Ceramic Flavor Disc

Instruction Manual



8 Reviews

  • SSV Wave Rider

    Posted by Michelle on 11/21/2022

    There is nothing on earth I love more then my SSV. It makes using cannabis economical and healthier then smoking and so forth. I can't recommend the SSV highly enough. No pun intended.

  • Piece of art

    Posted by Kyle on 12/6/2021

    I sent my design and was shown the concept, but a picture cannot do it justice. The artwork looks phenomenal on the SSV. This device is an attention grabber in any room. The Vehicle itself is a great tasting sipper for me. Very flavorful and the ease of use means anyone can enjoy.

  • Great Stuff! :)

    Posted by C on 4/26/2020

    The guys at elev8 are real professionals! They take great care to make sure that they get your custom unit the way that you want it. My unit looks as good as a could have imagined - and the guys at elev8 had already chosen complementary knob and glass colors so I didn't even need to ask!

  • Best Vape, Best Service

    Posted by Damon Rolls on 12/19/2019

    I can't stop loving my Wave Rider. So pure, clean, simple, and stylish. I've loved the wooden box for years, but now I've gone glass, I can't go back. I hate the word "connoisseur", but this does apply. In my opinion, the spherical attchment with one-hand clip is the greatest improvement to other whip-vapes. It completely takes away the worry of breaking or jamming the conical pieces. The sublimated glass is second to none, but it does scratch kinda easily. The scratches won't affect the art, though. They're just a bit noticeable in the right light. If you're on the fence, don't hesitate. If it's a bit pricey, check out everyone's favorite auction site; I was lucky enough to get a scorching deal. Elev8 has been so great, they'll quickly make more off of me. Service here is only the best, which also beats the wooden box.

  • Silver Surfer - Design Your Own

    Posted by Samantha on 7/11/2019

    In trying to keep this brief......let me just say how impressive this piece truly is! It's ease of use and option to share makes this a wonderful desktop vaporizer. These silver surfers can be full customized (so get creative) and have an array of add on pieces. The bottom line, purchase this product. It is amazing and it makes your flower strains will be made even more amazing!

SSV Design Your Own Desktop Vaporizer and Diffuser - Wave Rider Silver Surfer Vaporizer

SSV Design Your Own Desktop Vaporizer and Diffuser - Wave Rider Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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