The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is the world's most feature-packed desktop vaporizer. The same unit can be used to vape dry herbs, dab concentrates, or diffuse oils. You can extract the most flavor from dry herbs by using the whip. Silver Surfer Vaporizer offers all the features any connoisseur needs, including the Wave Rider Series (WRS) which elev8s vaporizing to a whole new level.
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Built For Connoisseurs

It was in 2004 when the Silver Surfer, the ultimate desktop vaporizer for dry herbs, was born. With time, the SSV became the desktop vaporizer of choice for connoisseurs seeking full flavor extraction.
The units are assembled, crafted, and tested by American workers in Colorado Springs, CO - not in China or Germany or some other nameless overseas factory.
We create each Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer entirely by hand with a custom-made, hand-blown temperature control knob made by our talented glassblowing artisans.

snoopwilliereupload.jpg See the full Elev8 music history and how the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer has been a part of the music scenes background.

Handcrafted Excellence – Silver Surfer Vaporizer Built with Care

Since 2004 the SSV desktop vaporizer has been crafted with care at the foot of Pikes Peak. The Elev8 Premier glass team carefully crafts each piece by hand. Each Surfer is assembled, tested, and born according to your specifications. Yes, these are freshly made with pride and love by people with the company for years. By sublimating the durable powder coating, the Wave Rider Series offers even greater customization and love.

what’s in the bag

  • Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer assembled with a hand-made glass Temperature Knob and Heater Cover
  • Padded Storage Bag made of a durable hemp and polyester blend called "hempster"
  • Packet of 10 Replacement Screens for your Whip Wand
  • Glass Whip Mouthpiece
  • Hand-made glass Whip Wand with Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • Whip Tubing made of food-grade vinyl
  • Ceramic Flavor Disc

hand made variable knob

Everyone inhales at a different pace, so for convection desktop vapes, setting the heat to a specific number produces different results for different people.
In addition, all herbal blends and essential oils vaporize differently.
We have left out any numbered settings so that you can find the temperature that works best for you.
The removable knob allows you to set the indicator wherever you prefer to mark your "sweet spot".

  • Adjust the heat to fit any herbal blend or essential oil 
  • Find the setting that fits your personal inhale speed
  • Remove the knob to set the indicator where you want
  • Pick for our affordable knobs
  • Pick from our Elev8 Premier custom knobs

Ceramic heater

The ceramic heater is the foundation of all our dry herb desktop vaporizers. We are the first company in the industry to offer this type of ceramic heater. The ceramic heater is the benchmark of heaters because of the protection the ceramic offers the element. By fully encasing the element and keeping it away from the air, oxidation is eliminated making for a time-tested long-lasting heater that gives amazing flavor.

  • Helps to deliver the best flavor
  • Upgradable to the new Baller Series heater with 150+ rubies
  • TESTED and TRUE! Used in the SSV since 2004. After warranty repairs are easy too.

Pure glass connection

The glass-on-glass connections are the signature of our vapes and the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer is no exception.

Spherical Glass like the wand and heater cover allows for use with a hands-free attachment and ensures the joint never gets stuck while offering a bowl size 33% larger than ground glass.

See the evolution of our wands and heater covers in our blog. Also, check out the new
Baller Series Heater, the ultimate ball vape experience!

  • Clean tasty vapor every time
  • Easy and Convenient cleaning and maintenance
  • Quality Hand-blown glass from Elev8 glassblowers
  • Nearly any glass part can be upgraded to be as unique as you.
  • Designed and engineered by a blower and grower you will see what makes the Silver Surfer the choice vaporizer/dab machine/diffuser for the vaping connoisseur
  • Allows easy connection to any rig
  • The bag mouthpiece also fits in nearly any 14mm or 19mm female joint.

hempster & velour storage bag

The Silver Surfer Storage Bag is made with the mentality of "GREEN" in mind.
Handmade from the durable Hempster blend and now featuring 8 pockets for the Silver Surfer accessories.
Elev8 uses bags rather than a box in their attempt to be green. The packaging is needed, so why not use packaging that is reusable?
Well, the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer does just that. With the built-in strap on the Silver Surfer bag, you will be able to toss your cooled-down Surfer inside the bag and go.

  • Pockets designed to hold all accessories
  • Durable hemp/polyester blend exterior
  • Velvet interior to keep your Silver and glass comfy.

Hands-free connection

The angle of the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer allows for the hands-free attachment, and spherical glass, and reduces the stress on the glass heater cover and wand.
This angle also keeps your herbs from falling into the heating element while maintaining the ergonomic comfort in which your hands naturally rest.

  • Secure connection with included hands-free attachment
  • The angle keeps herbs in the wand where they belong

Aromatherapy dish

The aroma top lets you keep your home smelling great with waxes or oils 24/7 without interrupting your vaping experience with your desktop vaporizer. The great thing about the Aroma Top is that if your partner does not consume, this is still a machine they can use.
No other vaporizer on the market can vape and diffuse at the same time.

  • Glass top affords you the option of using wax melts
  • Keep your home smelling great with your favorite scent
  • Dish design allows you to vape and diffuses all at once
  • Leave on your Silver 24/7
  • Elev8 your SSV with a custom aroma top

Dab dish

Way safer than an enail as the hot part is where it should be! Keeps your glass cleaner than a banger. Always ready when you are, just set it and forget it!

Durable aluminum housing

Since 2004 the SSV has been the world's most customizable vaporizer!
Durably coated with powder that will resist some of the toughest situations, while shining like a diamond.
Well maybe black does not shine, but it is FIRE!
Take the SSV further with our Wave Rider Series collection or design your own


Customizable Aluminum Housing

Each Silver Surfer is built from 1/4 inch anodized aluminum making it the most durable desktop vaporizer on earth. Upgrade to durable color with our powder coated units.
Since the Surfer is the only desktop vaporizer made by glass artists, Steve needed more. The Wave Rider Series (WRS) was born with the art of sublimation. The Silver Surfer is the only desktop vaporizer that can be fully customized with our amazing selection of art or even your own art!

  • The original SSV from  single coat matte black, Rainbow Zen (black with colorful sparkles), Green Sparkle, Orange Sparkle 
  • Wave Rider Series SSV featuring art from our line of inhouse and world wide artists we work with.
  • Your art, your WRS Surfer, one of a kind WRS.
  • See the video on our powder coating and sublimation by Steve


The Silver Surfer is built for glass

  • Connects to nearly any rig, with fully upgradable everything!
  • Show with custom wand, carb cap, aroma top dish and rig.
  • Customization is endless with the Wave Rider Series or Design Your Own. 
Custom Wands
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Custom Knobs
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Duff Jars
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Custom Mouthpieces
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Custom Aroma Tops
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Learn All The glass Types We Have Made For The Silver Surfer


The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is the world’s most customizable desktop vaporizer. From the housing, to the base and hose colors, to the glass pieces - this vape can be designed from the ground up to fit your own personal style.

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