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The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is the ultimate vape/enail.  When you know the benefits of vaping such as increased bioavailability, and that you are eliminating combustion which destroys up to 60% of the active ingredients, switching to vaping is the most logical choice.  Not only does the Silver Surfer vape, dab and diffuse, but it is also the only vaporizer/enail/diffuser that can be fully customized with any art image with over a million colors.  The temperature knob is a hand made glass knob that can be changed out by simply pulling off or pushing on.  The Silver Surfer features many glass parts for the ultimate vaping experience including the heater cover, wand, knob, mouthpiece, and the vaporizer can be paired with any dab rig or water pipe to enhance the vaping experience even more.

In 2004 Steve set our to make the Silver Surfer.  He had to overcome many obstacles, with the first being he had to teach himself to blow glass for the Silver Surfer parts.  As he learned the glass he realized each vaporizer needed a glass knob for the temperature control, enhancing the art of the Silver Surfer.  Years later any Surfer can be fully customized like a human is with a tattoo using the in house sublimation process.  All Silver Surfers can be customized with dope art glass like a custom knob, wand, heater cover, and even a rig to go along with this unique vaporizer like this amazing set up below.  You can click on the image to see even more images!


 Elev8  & Be A Part Of The Surfer Campaign?


(The Trade Deal)

  • You make a knob minimum and any other parts like a wand, mouthpiece, adapter or even a rig.  You must make 2 sets for this trade to work.  One set will be for your vape that you can keep or sell.   The second set is for us to keep or sell.  We need 2 minimum for picture purposes and to show the difference of the creations.  When you make this think of a design that you can repeat.  It is not about making the exact same knob, but more of a design that can be repeated, but not duplicated.  We want to put these on the site to sell to your's and our fans.
  • Try to stick to a reasonable resale price.  The SSV WRS is $300, so a $300 or less knob is perfect.  If your knob is only around $100, let's make a wand!  We can finish the wand so long you give us good prep. We also do not want to hold you back on your knob, if you are a high-end artist and make some really high-end art, we want to work with you also.  We will find a way to make this work for both of us.
  • When we work together on this project we would also like to give you our Surfer with the art you want on the unit.  This will also be the art that a customer gets when they buy your collaboration Silver Surfer.
  • When you partner with us we want this to be a win-win!  We feel honored to work with artists and understand the hustle.  Therefore we want it to be that when our3rd SSV WRS sells you get the full retail or wholesale price, depending on how we sold the unit.

Some examples:

matt-robertson-girraffe-knob.png steve-h-vaporizer-knob.png steve-k-and-elev8-dolls-vaporizer-knob.jpg

What Do You Have To Do To Make This Happen?

  • For the knob, you must know it can not be too big.  If it is too big and off-balance the weight will turn the rheostat (temperature control).  About 1 inch in diameter is good.  You can go bigger, but remember it should be balanced.
  • The back portion of the knob that holds the dimmer connector will be made by us.  We can make 2 parts and ship them to you, or you can make your knob part and ship them to us so we weld the two parts together.  This is the option we like best as once the knobs are done, they will go on the Surfer for pictures.  This does save a little time and even money saved from shipping.
  • After images are done you will get your Surfer sent to you and the trade is done, but the project has just begun!  

How Does It Work For Sales?

  1. When agree to be a part of this Elev8ed adventure you must adhere to some rules to keep both our customers happy to earn the full retail.  
    • When your Silver Surfer sells, you have 2 weeks to complete the parts that make up your Silver Surfer.  We have to have this out to our customers in a timely fashion in order to deliver the best customer service.
    • You will be paid the full retail sales price (minus any sales EGG had) for your art when it sells retail.
    • You will be paid wholesale price for your art when we sell your Silver Surfer WRS at wholesale pricing.
    • You have the option of making the knob and selling it to Elev8 for wholesale and being paid more quickly.  We only pay wholesale on this option as we do not know how long we may have to sit on a work of art.
    • If you sell your unit on your own, you can keep your full sales of your art with addition of keeping 50% of the retail sales of your vape.  You will be responsible for giving Elev8 the wholesale value of the Silver Surfer WRS.   If your knob was first purchased at wholesale you will need to give Elev8 wholesale cost of the WRS unit and art.
    • If you sell your Silver Surfer wholesale on your own you can keep the wholesale part of your art, as well as 20% of the wholesale price of the Silver Surfer WRS.  This must be a made to order sale.  If Elev8 has already purchased a knob at wholesale the knob would have to be remade for that wholesale customer.  The blower would keep the full wholesale price of that remade knob.
  2. You will be paid for the prior month by the 10th of each month.  You will be paid for your art after it has been received and sent out to the customer.
  3. Each unit is numbered and we keep track of all units we produce.  
  4. Feel free to promote and sell your new custom Silver Surfer!  When we all push we all win.

Make Even More Money!

  • When you have a vape with us, you can also have your own  web page if you like.  Having your own web page bringer better awareness to your brand on the internet.  It also allows you to build a place that you can easily sell some repeatable items.
  • Share our store with your fans and when they use your code to check out, you make money also.  This is how we build the community that we are dreaming of.  
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