Glassblowers collaborate with us!


Our collaboration program is built from our Elev8 Elev8 Ambassador program.
This is like a Tupperware party, but for people that think like you!
This, in turn, helps make Elev8 Glass Gallery a hub to get high-quality artistic products.  

Why join Elev8 as an artist? 

  1. Listed
    on Elev8 Glass Gallery on our Collaboration Glass Page opens your art to the world wide web. 

  2. EARN MORE MONEY on your glass.  Earn up to 80% of the retail sold price when sold on Elev8 Glass Gallery.  

    Elev8 knows working alone is tough, working in a community is much more fulfilling and rewarding.  We have over 70,000 unique visitors each month to our website.  When someone is looking for a type of glass you make, your products come up in their search, giving you maximum exposure.  When you have your glass posted on the site it will be featured on the home page for more exposure!

    Elev8 is owned and operated by people just like you.  In fact, the owner taught himself to blow glass in 2004 for the need to build the world-renowned Silver Surfer Vaporizer.  As a glassblower, manufacturer, inventor, and aspiring comedian, Steve lives his life by his own rules, of a higher state of mind, body, and spirit.  He says is the way of Elev8.

    We have been fighting for the industry since 2004 years and have evolved with it.

    We have a sales team that will help you push your art to more shops.

    The Silver Surfer and Elev8 Glass has been sold in markets across the glob with over 250,000 SSV's and DBV's sold

    You will gain an online gallery of your collection of high-quality images.  Instagram is a great tool, but not the same as an online web page with high-quality images.  People also are looking for glass on Google, not Instagram.  With your web page, it allows a better searching for what you have to offer on the web.  You also get a link on your page to your Instagram page to tie it all together.  We want our customers to get to know YOU.

  9. Learn more and collaborate with our Silver Surfer WRS collaboration project.


 Earn more money with us

  1. Keep more profits from the art you make LEARN MORE
  2. Get your own web page like Simply Jeff
  3. Add up sales to your product like our Terp Typhoon or Terp Slurper Baners.  This allows you to earn more money, as well as give your customer a better experience.  Do you make a dab rig?  Well add an Elev8 Thick Wall Banger to your product or an Elev8 Dab mat.  (You must join the Elev8 Ambassador Program to earn and know our system and family code)
  4. Earn money from other sales that happen when you send someone to Elev8 Glass Gallery Online with our Affiliate Partnership Program called Elev8 At Home, even if they buy something that is not yours when they use your partnership code at check out.  (You must join the Elev8 Ambassador Program to earn and know our system and family code)

Earn more exposure with us

  1. Get found on a larger store platform where people are looking for products like yours!
    1. When you send in new work your glass is placed on our home page until we put up 12 new products.   This gives you ultimate exposure when you release new products.
    2. Elev8 Glass Gallery has over 70,000 unique visitors each month
  2. Have an Elev8 at 8 Interview made for you so the world can get to know you on a more personal level.  Yep, for free!!

Why pick Elev8 over Big Cartel for artists?

  1. Better exposure
    1. You join a network of artists in a platform that links it all together.  Good luck trying to be found inside Big Cartel
    2. 70,000 + unique visits to Elev8 Glass Gallery each month.
    3. Have your new art featured on our home page.  Your art is stuck in a locked box when you use Big Cartel and can only be found from your promotion.
  2. More payment options than just PayPal.
  3. The best customer service.  All your service is done by you on Big Cartel, even if you have a tracking issue.  With Elev8, we can help with that, which gives you more time doing what you do best.  While Elev8 does keep a nominal fee for art sold, this is to help give the overall best customer experience.


Elev8 Collaboration Partnership:





  • You must fill out this FORM.
       When you fill out this form you are agreeing to all the terms, rules conditions laid out on this web page. Once approved we will let you know.  This usually happens in 5 business days. 
  • Listed Glass
    • When you list an individual piece it must be over $200 retail with high quality images (good images sell glass)
    • If you are listing a group you can list pieces as low as $100.  You must have 6 or more pieces to qualify for this.
    • If you have production work you can have it added to our system for wholesale customers as well as retail customers to see and purchase.  Contact to discuss this more.
  • If you sell your product you must notify us immediately so we can mark it as sold.  If you wish to leave it up and your piece is a repeatable piece of glass the description must say that it is alike the picture but not the same as it is a custom repeatable.
    • If you sell your art without notifying us, and it then sells online because you did not inform us there are two options. 
      You must pick one of these and you agree to these rules when you sign up.  This is to ensure amazing customer service for you and Elev8 Glass Gallery.
      • The first option is you must remake the item equal to or better than the first and get it shipped out to the customer in 5 business days.  We feel this needs to be rushed as our customer was under the impression the piece was available, but because you failed to let Elev8 know it sold we need to push this through.  Our customer service team will message the customer and we have found the average customer is open to this.
      • If you can not do remake the part, the next option is to pay Elev8 Glass Gallery 10% of your listing retail price to cover labor for talking with the customer, we will give the customer a 10% discount on another item we carry to try not to loose the customer or give them a bad experience.  This is our hit and your hit for not letting us know you sold your piece.  
      • If you want to keep an item up that sold on our site or from you, we can do this for you.  Just make sure we know so we can let the customer know the piece is made to order.  When you leave a piece up to be made to order, you must have the piece completed in 5 days from the time you are notified that it sold.  This is to ensure the highest customer service possible.  We are a team and the customer must be taken care of. 
  • You must provide high-quality images of your product for the website.  The better the images, the better the buyer will feel when making a purchase.
    • Must be a min of 1080 x 1080 72 dpi for web.  
    • Any good camera will be able to do this, and the new phones will do amazingly
    • You must provide a minimum of 6 pictures.
  • We offer photography services if you are local, or want to ship your work to us.  We do this for $15.  This includes taking the pictures on a white and black background with light room editing.  
  • We can ship your art for you.

You must upload your art by hitting the button below


  • You agree to our code of conduct
  • You agree that your glass will reflect any store-wide sales Elev8 Glass Gallery Online may have and you understand there will be a discount on the money earned.  You will be paid out the percentage below based on the sold price, but you will fall into the % category of the initial retail set price.  So, if you have your piece at $600 retail, and we do a sale at 50% off, you will be paid 90% of the $300 sale price.

Sales On Your Glass

  • Earn up to 80% of the full retail sales price
    •   Earn 80% when your piece sells for $600 or more
    •   Earn 75% when your piece sells from $400-$599.99
    •   Earn 73% when your piece sells from $250-$399.99
    •   Earn 71% when your piece sells from $200-$249.99
    •   Earn 70% when your piece sells from $100-$199.99
  • All retail sales are subject to sales that we on on our site.
  • If the item sells at this sale price you will earn the percentage based on the sold price, but will fall into the category of the listed price.  For instance if you list a product for $600 and we have a 10% sale, the sold price is $540.  You will still receive 80% of the sold price, so in this instance you would receive $432.
  • Earn 75% of the wholesale sales price 
  • We pay the credit card fees as well.  Fees are up to 4% of the sales price

Sales On Other Products From Elev8 Glass Gallery

  • When you sign up with this program, you can also join out Partnership Program and earn money on other products sold on the site.
  • Once you sign up you will get a code to give to people.  We can put the code on your banner on your page to help (see example).  This code is used to get you the credit when you send some one to the site and they buy something from the site.  We get it, if you know the person they may be buying your glass from you, but there are a lot of other things we have like the infamous Silver Surfer Vaporizer that your customers and friends may want.  Now you have a way to help them get that, and make some extra cash.



  • Elev8 Glass Gallery online offers free shipping on orders over $150 to its customers.  You are responsible for shipping charges as they will not be collected from the customer unless your art sells below $150. 
  • You must ship the product within 48 business hours of the item selling if you do not store the product at Elev8 Distribution or Elev8 Premier.
  • You must pick a service that can be tracked like Fedex and UPS.  Do NOT trust USPS to track a package.
  • If your item ships from our warehouse shipping will come from the sales price of the glass.  We offer free shipping on orders over $150, but shipping is not free.  We are earning money from your hard work so we want to pay half of the shipping, if your glass ships from our warehouse.
    • Examples of sales earned from your piece sold at $200.  Shipping cost is $8, you pay $4.  You earn 78% or $156 but you will have to pay 1/2 shipping so you will get $152 paid to you.  (THESE CHARGES LISTED ARE ESTIMATES AND NOT ACTUAL QUOTES)

What You Must Do

  • Promote your site.
  • You must provide us with a W-9 if you partake in the affiliate program
  • Notify us when you sell your glass.
  • Once you sign up you will need to promote your page.  Do this by linking your IG and Facebook page to your new website page.  To make it easier we find it better to use Bitly to shorten the URL.  Click to learn now to make a Bitly link


 Added Benefits When Joining Elev8 At Home Partnership

  • Earn credits on any Elev8 glass, Elev8 Premier glass, Elev8 vaporizers when you sign up with Elev8 Dolls and someone uses your code
  • Save 10%-35% at Elev8 Glass Gallery Online for any of your purchases.

 Earn More by becoming an Elev8 At Home Partner 


Rules and conditions when you become an Elev8 At Home partner can be found

By being an Elev8 Partner you must adhere to our Code Of Conduct

  • Quality – Success begins with quality.
  • Pride – Show pride in and loyalty to Elev8 
  • Integrity – Integrity is the consistent adherence to the social standards and moral values that are set forth in society. 
  • Teamwork    – We are a team, the greater the team the greater the company!
  • Patience – We are a growing company and there will always be growing pains, but with the pains, we will build opportunities!
  • Respect: Customers – With everything we do in the course of the day we must keep the customer in mind.
    • Co-workers – When in the workplace follow the simple rule if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.
    • Self-respect – Don’t do anything to yourself that prevents you from doing the best job possible, or just being the best person possible.
    • Personal Accountability- If anything that is undesirable happens and you are responsible for it, you must take responsibility for it.
    • Humble and Grateful – If you have concerns about being able to complete a task, ask someone that will be able to answer your questions. Also be grateful for the things you are provided within life and professionally.
  • Honesty – If you can’t be honest with yourself you most likely won’t be able, to be honest with your coworkers. Sometimes it may hurt but in the long run, it hurts less than bullshitting.
  • Continue to Improve – There will always be room for improvement, be it a process, or an aspect of your personal life, never stop growing, never stop getting better.
  • Positive  Attitude – Employees should come into work placing their best foot forward, it will elevate the mood of all of those around you and create a better overall environment.


Get your own free website  You must have at least 10 pieces to put up.  This is a lot of commitment on both our parts.  

If at any time you pose a negative look to our company we have the right to remove you 

****If you have just signed up with our partnership program, welcome to Elev8 as a partner! All sign up forms are manually approved and may take up to 96 business hours to process. You will receive an email once approved providing you with access to your back office. Please wait for this email.*****

  ****You must have a Gmail, we have found that this works best with our system and other email accounts may not receive emails. If you are already an affiliate and do not have one of these email accounts please create one.****

****In order to be paid please make sure to add your payment details to your account.  You can do this from your back office by going into the "My Profile" tab and clicking on the "Payment Details" tab please make sure to add your PayPal email address, PayPal me will not work in our system.****

***All affiliates will be paid by the 10th of each month.  There is a  $10 minimum for payouts. If you do not have $10 worth of cash or credits in commissions they will remain in your account until you reach the minimum and then you will be paid on the following month in which the $10 minimum is reached. Please make sure to have the correct PayPal email address registered in your account. If you were not paid on time you could have the wrong PayPal email address on your account. Be sure to check this and have the correct email in place, it could take some time to reissue payment.***

***When making a purchase we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE  you to have your customers enter Your Elev8 At Home ID in the "In the special instructions" section at check out. This is a precaution taken to ensure you always get the commission, rarely but sometimes, our cookies can be blocked by a person's device so this is an added step to ensure commission.****

*** Elev8 At Home Full commission is only earned on Elev8 Glass, Elev8 Premier Glass, and any Elev8 Distribution products.  You will earn a small commission on any other products on our site that we do not manufacture.  ***


If you have any questions please hit the Ask A Question button below.  Others probably have the same question.

Click To See Our Questions And Answers Page


By continuing you accept the Terms & Conditions and verify you are 21+ years old.