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The Silver Surfer is the ultimate vape/enail.  Not only does this unit vape, dab and diffuse, it is the only vaporizer/enail that can be fully customized with any art image with over a million colors.  The temperature knob is a hand made glass knob that can be changed out by simply pulling off or pushing on.  The Silver Surfer features many glass parts for the ultimate vaping experience including the heater cover, wand, knob, mouthpiece and the vape s can be paired with any dab rig or water pipe to enhance the vaping experience even more.


7th Floor was founded in 2004 to make the Silver Surfer.  Steve had to overcome many obstacles, with the first being he had to teach himself to blow glass for the Silver Surfer parts.  As he learned the glass he realized each vaporizer needed a glass knob for the temperature control, enhancing the art of the Silver Surfer.


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