Elev8 Dab Bat

Elev8 Dab Bat


The worlds first dab straw and bat in one!

Dab Straw Features

Keeps the tip safe!
When you are done simply push the tip back up inside the housing and put on the silicon cap.  This is a big win for so many people that have burned themselves or someone or something around them from that hot tip just hanging out.  No more of that nonsense when you have an Elev8 Dab Bat.


Quartz Tip
When it comes to thermal resistance no other glass can touch it.  Its so durable you can heat it red hot and throw it in water right after like Steve does here.


Borosilicate Body
Quartz is durable, but quartz is only clear.  With the way of the industry, and the fact that this Elev8 Dab Bat was made by Steve K. our leading glassblower at Elev8 Premier, he wants everything to have some flare.  Being made of boro, that dream is possible.  This also helps keep the cost down on the most affordable clear version.



 Other Elev8 Dab Bat Features

Doubles As A Bat
With the front having space when the dab tip is all the way back you can fill your Dab Bat with some herbs and use this like a typical smoking bat.

Colored Glass Bump
This little thing ensures that your Elev8 Dab Bat will not roll off the table.  It also adds a nice touch to the Dab Bat.

Learn To Use The Dab Bat

  • Dab Straw - Hybrid Quartz & Boro - Dab Bat by Elev8 Dab Straw - Hybrid Quartz & Boro - Dab Bat by Elev8

    Elev8 Glass

    Dab Straw - Hybrid Quartz & Boro - Dab Bat by Elev8

    The Dab Bat is the worlds first dab straw with a quartz tip and borosilicate housing! Be the first to order one of these revolutionary new devices and save!  We are really happy with the design, we are working to perfect the manufacturing.…


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