Elev8 Glass

ELEV8 Glass is the production line of glass for ELEV8 Glass Gallery. With strong ties to their foreign artisan team, each finely crafted piece of ELEV8 Glass is meticulously selected and designed by the ELEV8 Premier team and features amazing function. Owner and 14-year glassblower with ELE8 Premier, Steve Klenhofer has developed a relationship spanning well over a decade to ensure that ELEV8 Glass guarantees the highest quality. In fact, many of the pieces produced by this incredible team of foreign artists carry a high-level skill set that can take many years for a glassblower to develop. Most ELEV8 Glass rigs and waters pipes can even be customized with marbles, pendants and other enhancements by our team of American glassblowers to make beautiful hybrid pieces made to be as unique as you are! Our glass team will guide you with the best enhancement locations that will be the safest for the glass and give you a gorgeous look and feel to your ELEV8 Glass piece. For a full American glass experience, ELEV8 Premier Glass Studio has a team of talented and dedicated glass artists based in Colorado Springs, CO. ELEV8 Believes in the human race and feel this is the perfect marriage of skills around the globe. Our artists love this, as it allows them to also focus and grow in a particular skill set that they’re passionate about. When someone does what they love, the art shows tenfold over doing something they just “have” to do. This allows the glass artists to be a true artist and grow as a skilled glassblowing craftsman. ELEV8 Glass is among the most valuable on so many levels: first, you get a functionally AMAZING piece of glass at an affordable price. Then you have the chance to decorate and customize your own unique piece of ELEV8 Glass. Lastly, you help to support up-and-coming glass artists here in the states and around the world.

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