Elev8 Presents Cannabis Cooking With Jonny Duff

Posted by Elev8 Presents on 2/10/2020

Elev8 Presents Cannabis Cooking With Jonny Duff

Cannabis cooking is easier than you think!

Today there is a lot of hype about cannabis edibles and cooking foods infused with cannabis.  Many people will look into making cannabutter.  While we feel this works great, is it really the best way to cook with cannabis?

Vaporizing raw cannabis flowers (we call raw dabs) is the most efficient way to consume cannabis with a bioavailability of up to 80%.  As you vape the first few inhales are super terpy tasty.  This is because many of the terpenes are coming off in the first few hits as terpenes make up a really small part of the cannabis compounds, yet they are very powerful, hence the strong smell and taste. As you vaporizer your herb longer and hotter, your herbs will start to turn brown, eventually turning a dark brown.  Some people like to vape their herbs to a point they are like a dark dark coffee bean roast.  This is perfectly fine and will keep changing the flavor of the cannabis-like roasting does to coffee and nuts. In this series, we look at cooking with cannabis that has already been carbonized.  Decarboxylation is when basically the cannabis has been activated.  THC is mostly found in cannabis as THCa which is an acidic form of THC and is not psychoactive.  Heating cannabis up will let the acidic carbon molecule escape turning THCa into THC.  

Vaporizing or roasting is both an art and a science

It takes a user weeks or even months to develop the art form they prefer when vaping flowers.  As the user develops a pallet they will begin to enjoy all the flavors unlocked by roasting.  As you become familiar with how the air gets hotter from controlling the airspeed, the user will be able to roast the cannabis to their liking.  The darker you get your herbs the more they are decarboxylated and become more bioavailable.  

As your pallet develops you will start to notice how different cannabis strains tasted different at the end of their roasting, much like strains taste and smell differently fresh and when first vaped.  We call this the art of vaporizing.

Cooking Cannabis With Jonny Duff is the new series we are excited to bring you as we find just adding duff to your meal is the best edible we have found.  Cooking with cannabis has never been easier.  Many people want to make butter, but we say why?  Cannabis once vaped or roasted is delicious, and if you have not tried it, get ready for life-altering cooking with cannabis show.


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