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Elev8 Distribution Warranty, RMA Policy & Repairs


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3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Silver Surfer Vehicle
Da Buddha Vehicle
Life Saber Vehicle 

2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Super Surfer Vehicle

1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty:

SideKick Portable Vehicle
Elev8 Classic Mini Enail PID Controller

30-Day Warranty:

Wax Maxer V2 Pro Dab Pen
Affordable 510 Pen Battery

Elev8 Vehicles
Defective Unit Replacement

● If the unit is DOA and has not been used at all, contact Elev8 Distribution within 10 days of receiving the unit to get an RMA number. We will create a shipping label so that you can return the unit to Elev8 Distribution. Upon receiving the unit, we will send a brand new replacement unit. (The customer can elect to have another new unit sent out immediately if they will allow authorization on a credit card for the amount the new unit will cost. We will only apply this authorization if we do not receive the returned unit within 10 days.)

● After the initial 30 day period passes, all repairs will be performed under Elev8 Vehicle factory specific warranty policy. Call Elev8 Distribution to describe the problem, request replacement parts, and/or obtain an RMA number with return instructions.

● All warranty work requires that customers complete a warranty registration card (physical) or enter this information online via our warranty registration web site page within 30 days of purchase. Warranty does not apply if the unit is no longer owned by the original buyer.

10 Day Replacement on Glass
(glass warranty)

● All of our glass is covered for 10 days to be free from defects.  All of the glass components on all of our Elev8 Vehicles products are also covered by a replacement policy in case of breakage from shipment, or manufacturer flaws. Contact the manufacturer within 10 days of receiving the glass and we will ship replacement parts at no charge (we will cover shipping costs via USPS using our chosen method).


● The Phoenix Oath Glass Replacement Plan is a protection warranty that we offer for all of our affordable Elev8 Glass bongs, rigs, and water pipes, as well as a small number of Elev8 Premier water pipes as well as all Elev8 Vehicle glass. The Phoenix Oath Replacement Plan acts as an insurance coverage for your water pipe, and the protection plan must be purchased along with the water pipe when you initially order it from our website, at a cost of 8% of the product's MSRP. We cannot add the Phoenix Oath Glass Replacement Plan to any water pipes which have already been purchased from our website. After purchasing the plan for your water pipe, if that piece should ever break then you can file a claim. You are then able to pick between the following options: 50% off the exact same item, or a discount worth 50% of the original value of your covered glass, to be used towards the purchase of a new eligible piece of equal or greater value.


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Repairs Under Warranty Period

● Contact Elev8 Distribution via email or phone to describe the problem. See our FAQ page for help also.  If we can diagnose the problem and provide replacement parts for simple fixes, we will do so. Customers must pay any shipping charges.
● If a unit must be repaired in our shop, the Customer Service department will provide an RMA and a shipping label, and instruct the customer on preparing the unit for shipping. The unit will be shipped back via ground shipping (at customer’s expense) if the customer is willing to pay for faster class of shipping we can do that too.
● Shipping will be charged after initial contact and the RMA number will be recorded.
● Customers should NOT ship units back with any glass on them. If there is glass when received, the glass will be removed and discarded, and new glass will be included with it and you will be charged for it. Customer service will attempt to procure replacement glass at a discounted cost, but will not hold up shipping the unit back if glass is not currently in stock.

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Repairs After Warranty Period Expires

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● After the warranty period has expired, customers must pay for shipping of unit, cost of parts, and the labor to repair it.

● Processing costs will be a minimum of $50 per hour, and 1 hour minimum.

● Some repairs can be done by you at home.  Heaters and dimmers are replaceable with kits.


Glass Repairs

● Click here to learn more about our glass repairs.




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