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Glass Repairs by Elev8 Premier Studios

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Elev8 Glass Gallery has been repairing water pipes, bongs and rigs for about 10 years now. Working with our highly skilled team of blowers at Elev8 Premier, we carefully evaluate each piece so that it has a great chance of being repaired.

Our team of blowers will always try our best to repair each bong or rig we get in with love and attention to detail, but there are unknown unknowns that we can not foresee. Sometimes leading to a piece that may not always make it. The good news is we are over an 80% success rate, which is very high for the glass bong or water pipe repair industry.

  • There is a $60 minimum charge to fix a water pipe or rig and must be paid before work is performed. If the glass does not make it 2/3 of the deposit will be returned. We hope you understand that even if we take in the glass and it does not make it, we had to put in the labor to try to fix it along with all the energy and fuel to get the glass to and end point.
  • Our turn-around period for repairs is 2 weeks, however, we usually get things fixed in much less time.
  • There is a chance that there will be marks left on the glass due to repairs. We will always do our best to minimize repair marks, but sometimes it is unavoidable.
  • All glass MUST be cleaned of all oils, resin or anything else that makes the glass dirty. We can not repair a piece that is dirty and we will refuse to repair if we receive dirty glass. Please make sure all the glass is clean when sent in or brought in for repairs.

All glass can be brought into our Colorado Springs Store at 1323 Paonia Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80915. You can call us 719-570-9928

Also, feel free to contact our customer care team at

Bong, Pipe and Water Pipe Glass Repairs we've done in the past


A tragedy is averted with this glass repair on this art glass Ferankshanaw. When your glass dreams shatter, try to breathe and see if our glass repairs specialists can get you fixed up.


Once born in the glass studio of Elev8 Premier, this recycler needed to be fixed. Our team was able to make this glass repair with a few modifications.

It landed to us in 10 pieces, and Simply Jeff was able to turn it back into 1 amazing Kraken piece by @wickedglass


This was an honor to repair one the of most respected artists pieces in the industry.  When you repair something it is like looking into the artist, and this was able to be fixed because Matt Robertson makes only the cleanest rigs on earth.


This Elev8 Glass was fixed by our Elev8 Premier Crew to give the glass new life. Take that glass repair to our Elev8 Premier location. They are here to help with your broken glass you may need repairing.


This collaboration by Steve H. and Erkdejerk was scooped up by one of our Elev8 Dolls, Mike. Well, this dude decided to jump off his table without realizing he was made of glass. With a broken heart, Mike brought his piece to the crew at Elev8 Premier and they were able to do one of the most amazing glass repairs we have done.


When your glass needs to get a fix, look no further then Elev8 Glass Gallery to help you out!


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