SideKick Manual

The SideKick Portable Vaporizer is the world’s most easy to use portable vaporizer. 
Control any aspect of it with just the push of your thumb.

When you first receive your SideKick, charge the battery until the LED light on the charger goes to a solid 3 bars. Pop it into the bottom of your SideKick with the positive end up.

CAUTION: The heating chamber and surrounding metal can get VERY HOT!

Sidekick Portable Vehicle Instruction Video:

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Using the SideKick

Cleaning the SideKick

Changing the Screen


How the SideKick Portable Vehicle Works

Unlike pipes, a vaporizer allows you to inhale herbs without combustion, essentially doubling your active ingredients as combustion can destroy up to 60% of the active compounds. The SideKick Portable Vehicle uses a combination of conduction and convection to heat the herbs until the active ingredients boil, vaporize, then are suspended in the air. Instead of burning ingredients out of the herbs, the SideKick releases the materials contained in the herbs with no burning and without producing the odors and associated waste products produced by smoking.  Many people will eat the leftover herbs that have been vaped as they still contain active herb compounds.

Using The SideKick Portable Vehicle

Charge the Battery

Your SideKick Portable Vaporizer comes with an 18650 battery (or two 18350 batteries if you have the Sidekick V1). The battery comes partially charged, but it is highly recommended that they are charged to full capacity before first use. Plug your charger into the wall and then put the battery in with the positive end facing the logo.  The LED light will go from flashing bars to full solid 3 bars when fully charged. The charger is made to fit multiple sizes of batteries, but only one battery per slot can be charged at a time.

Insert the Battery

With a fully charged battery, open your SideKick’s battery compartment by sliding the lock on the bottom plate towards the logo.  Pull the plate up and away from the side.  With the SideKick upside down put the batteries in so the button on the positive end is facing up.  This positive end of the battery must touch the battery cover plate.  Your SK will not work with the battery in the wrong way.  Now put the cover back on by sliding the small lip into the notch opposite the battery compartment.  Press the lid down. 

Prepare The Herbs

Grind your herbs with a grinder, scissors, or your fingers – just make certain the herbs are broken up and fluffy so the air passes evenly through. We love the grinders as they grind to a preferred size

Pack The Bowl 

Grab the top lid in front of the gear next to the mouthpiece and pull up at a 45-degree angle up and away from the mouthpiece.  Make sure that the white dot on the gear is facing out, this tells you that the stir tool is in the back position, ready for removal. With some of your favorite ground herbs, load your bowl to about the middle of the silicone. You can gently pack the herbs, but not too firm. Remember you must have some room to stir the bowl and allow the herbs to move about. To put the lid on, make sure that the gear tool is turned furthest away from the mouthpiece as shown in the video. There will be a white mark on the gear noting that the stir tool is in the right place.  Holding the lid at about a 45-degree angle set the notchback in the hole. Set the lid back in place in the same angle you removed it, and you will feel the magnets grab.

Powering On/Off

Turn the SideKick on by pressing and holding the power button for 5 seconds. The SideKick logo will light up while the microcomputer is booting up.  A few seconds later the main control screen will show up. Turning the Sidekick off is as easy as it was to turn it on, just press the power button for 5 seconds. The SideKick features an automatic shutoff after 7 minutes to conserve battery power, and just in case you forgot to turn it off, it will take care of that for you!

Inserting and using the Mouthpiece

Your SideKick portable vaporizer comes without the mouthpiece inserted. We have tried a bunch of oils and lubricants, and Coconut Oil is hands down the best of the best! We have found that the silicon absorbs the oils initially and will have to be applied daily. After 2-5 days of use with the coconut oil, your mouthpiece will become very slick. Open the small container of coconut oil and add just a small amount to the glass mouthpiece. Twist, push and pull to get the oil to coat the silicon well.  Repeat as necessary.  If it seems the container of coconut oil is empty, it is not.  Warm it in your hand for a minute or so, or put in the microwave for 7 seconds with the lid off.  The coconut oil solidifies at a lower temperature.

Selecting The Heat Setting

The SideKick Vaporizer is adjustable from 1 to 11 giving you 21 points of temperature control for extracting the essence from your favorite herbs. The temperature of the SideKick can go from 248° F to 455° F.  Press the up or down button to select your desired setting. Once you have selected your desired setting, press the power button 1 time. You will see the current setting begin to rise. Once the unit is at the set temperature it will vibrate letting you know it is ready to use. With the LCD screen the SideKick also notifies you of the battery life left and the battery voltage. The LCD will also display the surfing time of your vape session.  We have found settings 6.5-8 work best for vaporizing your favorite herbs, and 7-9 is best for essential oils.

Inhale And Stir

Pull up on the mouthpiece to adjust your air pathway and find the length that is most comfortable for you. In addition, we have made the act of stirring your bowl throughout your vape session totally effortless by creating a stirring mechanism that works with just the push of your thumb. Just spin the gear forward or backward and you are stirring the herbs in the bowl. The SideKick uses a hybrid conduction/convection heating system for the best battery efficiency, but that also means it is always cooking your herbs when the heater is turned on and up to temperature.  To vape your herbs evenly and achieve the best flavor, stir the bowl slowly whenever you are not inhaling to prevent the herbs from cooking too much and to allow air to flow through the herbs evenly.  You can also stir the bowl while you are inhaling, it all works well.  We have found that after 3-4 hits, it is good to take the lid off and and put it back on.  Then tamp the SideKick lightly into your palm to keep the vapor thick. 

Vortex Cooler

The SideKick's vortex cooler design and pull out glass mouthpiece extend the vapor path to be nearly 11 inches away from the bowl, while spinning the vapor in a vortex fashion helps cool the vapor essence. The vortex cooler also acts as a secondary filter for when you are vaping dry herbs.  The SideKick portable vaporizer comes with the vortex cooling device inserted into air path tube #1. To access your vapor path, remove the battery cover and the silicon vapor path connector, opening up both air path tubes.  Looking at the bottom with batteries on the left, we will call the tube all the way to the left cooling tube #1, and the tube to the right, cooling tube #2. You can remove the vortex cooling device from tube #1 to reduce air restriction. You can also remove the vortex cooling device and freeze it.  After about 30 minutes in your freezer, you can replace it back into your SideKick and enjoy a Rocky Mountain cool vapor experience. This experience will last for about 1-2 bowls. 

WARNING!  Failure to follow safety recommendations could result in serious injury or property damage.

• During operation, SideKick components get sufficiently hot to cause combustion and severe burns! Never touch the ceramic heater or surrounding metal. Always allow a cool-down before touching any inner SideKick components after turning the device off.
• Keep the SideKick out of reach of children and away from pets. Never leave unattended with a child in the vicinity.
• Keep the SideKick away from combustibles such as paper, fabric, plastic and anything else you think could catch fire.
• Never let hair or loose clothing come in contact with the heat source.

Cleaning the SideKick Portable Vehicle

We know how much of a hassle it can be to clean most portable vaporizers, so we have designed the SideKick to be simple and effortless to take apart for a good cleaning. 

How To Disassemble The SideKick For Cleaning

  • Remove the top and bottom lids, and set the batteries to the side. Using the screwdriver included with your SideKick unscrew and set aside the screen and stir tool.    
  • Pull the mouthpiece all the way out.     
  • Remove the silicone vapor path connector      
  • Take a pick or the screwdriver included with your vape, and from the top of the SideKick push down on the vortex cooler until it slides out of the bottom. As you pull the vortex cooler out, it will scrape the walls of the vapor path tube and clean out most of the residue build up from inside of the unit.   
  • Finally, using a pick, pop out the silicone plug on the front of the SideKick just below the air intake holes.
  • Using the brush included with your SideKick, brush away any larger debris particles from the SideKick and all of the disassembled piece.
  •  Place the top lid, screen, stir tool, vortex cooler, and mouthpiece into a bowl with some alcohol or one of the cleaners available on our site. Let these pieces soak for an hour or so, then wipe down with a rag or paper towel and let them dry completely before re-assembling to your SideKick 
  • While the other pieces soak, wipe off the two silicone pieces, the bottom lid, the ceramic bowl, and the housing with a rag or paper towel that has just been dampened with some alcohol. Soaking silicone in alcohol can warp it, but these pieces can still be cleaned with a small amount of it as long as they are open to the air for quick drying.
  • To clean the vapor path tubes inside of the SideKick, dab the round brush included with your SideKick into some alcohol and wipe down inside of those tubes from both the top and bottom openings
  • Once all of the parts are clean and completely dry, re-assemble everything just as it was taken apart.

Changing the Screen

Changing the screen is as simple as unscrewing the screw holding it to the top lid. Hold the lid and stir gear in one hand, then with the other hand hold the screwdriver and remove the screw.
Watch the video below to see exactly how it's done:

What's In The Bag?

  • SideKick Portable Vaporizer with Stir Mechanism and Vortex Cooler     
  • American Hand-made Glass Mouthpiece     
  • 1 Rechargeable 18650 Batteries
    (with an external charger date stickers)
  • Cleaning Brush with Alcohol Cleaning Pads
  • Small Phillips Screwdriver
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • Small Bowl Tongs/Scoop
  • Stainless Steel Oil Can 
  • Coconut Oil Lubricant


  • We recommend that you start with a low temperature setting of about 5-6 for dry herbs and 10-11 for oils.  If you do not see vapor, turn it up slightly; wait 5-10 seconds and try again,  If you still see no vapors, repeat until vapors are visible on exhale.
  • If the flow seems restricted:
    • This can happen after a lot of use with dry herbs.  One way to make this easier is to remove the lid just a little and blow in the mouthpiece, blowing out any particles that have been caught in the vortex cooler.  
    • Another way to solve this is to remove the vortex cooler and clean it.
    • If you like a really easy draw you can use the SideKick portable vaporizer without the vortex cooler installed.  Vapor flow will be greatly increased.  
  • Screens can become clogged over time, causing issues with airflow, Clean or replace your screen regularly to maintain proper airflow.  We recommend using your brush after each use.
  • Running the SideKick at higher temp:
    • Really there is no need to go to 11 unless it is to get a fast initial heat for your herbs or oils.  If you run it like this, you will want to turn it down fairly soon once it reaches 11 or you will burn your herbs or oils.
    • Some people will like to run their SideKick at 8+ with dry herbs. To do this, you must stir your bowl rapidly after each inhale and keep your herbs from setting too long on the heater. If you are not careful you will burn your herbs trying this.  
  • Concerned about a rattling sound coming from your SideKick when you shake it? Don't worry! That's just the metal buttons making contact with the aluminum housing. The buttons have a small amount of travel distance before they engage their contact pads, so if you jiggle your SideKick you will hear the buttons making contact with the aluminum housing. This is perfectly normal and by design!
  • Running the SideKick at lower temps:
    • Lower temps will give great flavors for a longer time, but the hits will be less dense. We recommend stirring your bowl well after inhales and then tamp your SideKick lightly in your other hand to pack the bowl.

Warranty & Service

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