Moving Forward Recycler Design with Wig Wags, Illuminati and amazing function by Steve K. #281

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This moving forward rig is the best so far by Steve K.  Completed 10/19/19.  This is full of fun.  When you place this moving forward recycler under UV light it will pop green!  There are a lot of firsts for Steve on this one.   The spider or bowties were the fist time he took them to a rig as well as the lined section on the wave part, not sure what to call the part that the joint connects to.  But this has 4 terminations as it was reversed 2 times with wigs and wags.  Steve said he wishes he used less orange in the down spout as the function is so on point but its hard to see the swirl, but notice the small bubbles that flow down.  The swirl is there!  The only thing Steve says missed perfection is that the downstem moved to the left just a little.  We think this is freaking off the charts amazing!


  • A little over 8 inches tall
  • 4 inch base
  • Inside out neck fumed with gold and silver
  • Worked downstem
  • Super thick and heavy


Additional Details

Joint Type or Size:
14mm Female

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