Custom Knob 206

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Custom Knob 206

Custom Knob 206

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Custom KB 207 Custom KB 207

Silver Surfer Vehicle

Custom KB 207

This knob is a fume flower with a Mystery Aventurine and fuming swirl base. Indicator dot has a spiral of Mystery Aventurine inside.

Replacement Hose or Tubing Replacement Hose or Tubing

Silver Surfer Vehicle

Replacement Hose or Tubing

This premium quality vaporizer hose or tubing we offer is the best hose or tubing for your vape on the market. Made of food grade vinyl tubing, it is far better than silicon tubing because it does...

Character Pick, Poker or Dab Tool Rubber Ducky

Elev8 Glass

Character Pick, Poker or Dab Tool

We believe this is one of the most used and valuable tools in the industry. You can use one for your dabs, to stir you pipe bowl, stir your vape bowl, use it as a toothpick, maybe a hair pick, a...

SideKick Vehicle V1 SideKick Vaporizer? Colors

SideKick Vehicle

SideKick Vehicle V1

Why choose a Sidekick Dry Herb Portable Vehicle(Vape)? This portable dry herb heat extraction is built for the connoisseur on the go.  Easy to use and easy to maintain so you consistently get...

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Custom Knob 38 Custom Knob 38

Silver Surfer Vehicle

Custom Knob 38

Here comes one of our amazing mushroom knobs! Made completely with striking colors, this knob is colored with many earthy shades!

Super Surfer Vehicle 2.0 Super Surfer Vehicle 2.0

Super Surfer Vehicle

Super Surfer Vehicle 2.0

Why choose the ultimate consumption vehicle (vape/e-nail/diffuser) for connoisseurs. This Super Surfer vehicle uses heat to extract the essence from dry herb for the best flavor.  Using a whip...


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