List of Cannabinoids, their Vaporizing Temperatures and Scientific Information.

Posted by Elev8 Presents on 8/1/2022

List of Cannabinoids, their Vaporizing Temperatures and Scientific Information.

This list of cannabinoids, flavinoids and terpens can all be found in the cannabis and hemp plant at differnet ratios






Cannabinols and Cannabinoids



  • Δ-8-THC - Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol
    • Resembles Δ-9-THC, Less psychoactive, More stable Antiemetic
  • Δ 8-THCA - Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid -Vaporizing Temperature of  350 Degrees   More Info
    • Less psychoactive.  More stable,  Antiemetic


Miscellaneous cannabinoids

Terpenoid essential oils

The terpenes are what gives the cannabis plant its unique aroma and flavor.  As each strain is constructed of varying amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids each strain ends up having its own flavor and taste profile.

  • MYRCENE -  Vaporizing Temperature of   334 Degrees     More Info
    • Anti-inflammatory treats pain and nausea and insomnia, allows other chemicals to cross the blood-brain barrier
  • CARYOPHYLLENEVaporizing Temperature of   320 Degrees        -    More Info
    • Anti-septic/bacterial,Anti-inflammatory
  • D_LIMONENE -Vaporizing Temperature of  349 Degrees         -    More Info
    • also found in citrus, treats gastric reflux, depression/anxiety
  • HUMULENE-Vaporizing Temperature of   388 Degrees         -    More Info
    • also found in hops, has shown to inhibit inflammation  and can suppress appetite
  • LINALOOL -Vaporizing Temperature of  388 Degrees          -    More Info
    • sleep aid, analgesic
  • PULEGONE -Vaporizing Temperature of  435  Degrees        -    More Info
    • Memory booster?, AChE inhibitor, Sedative, Antipyretic
  • 1,8-cineole (eucalyptol) -Vaporizing Temperature of    348.8   Degrees     More Info
    • AChE inhibitor, Increases cerebral, blood flow, Stimulant, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Antiinflammatory, Antinociceptive
  • PINENE-Vaporizing Temperature of  311 Degrees          -    More Info
    • Treats Asthma and anti-inflammatory
  • α-terpineol -Vaporizing Temperature of   423 Degrees          -    More Info
    • Sedative, Antibiotic, AChE inhibitor, Antioxidant, Antimalarial
  • terpineol-4- ol  -Vaporizing Temperature of  408   Degrees        -    More Info
    • AChE inhibitor. Antibiotic
  • p-cymene -Vaporizing Temperature of  351  Degrees          -    More Info
    • Antibiotic, Anticandidal, AChE inhibitor
  • borneol -Vaporizing Temperature of    410 Degrees         -    More Info
    • Antibiotic, Δ-3-carene 0.004% 168 Antiinflammatory
  • Δ-3-carene  -Vaporizing Temperature of  334  Degrees         -    More Info
    • Antiinflammatory

Flavonoid and Phytosterol components

  • anxiolytics
  • apigenin -Vaporizing Temperature of  352 Degrees         -    More Info
    • Anxiolytic, Antiinflammatory, Estrogenic
  • quercetin -Vaporizing Temperature of  482 Degrees        -    More Info
    • Antioxidant, Antimutagenic, Antiviral, Antineoplastic
  • cannflavin A -Vaporizing Temperature of    360 Degrees        -    More Info
    • COX inhibitor, LO inhibitor
  • β-sitosterol -Vaporizing Temperature of   273 Degrees        -    More Info
    • Anti-inflammatory, 5-α-reductase, inhibitor

These are just a small accumulation of all the chemical compounds in cannabis.  There are over 100 compounds that are now being researched in the marijuana plant.  As the laws relax, researchers will be able to do more research and find even more benefits of the cannabis plant.

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