How To Clean A Sticky Cannabis Grinder

Posted by Elev8 Presents on 1/13/2020

How To Clean A Sticky Cannabis Grinder

Is your grinder hard to turn the lid making grinding your herb difficult?

Does your cannabis grinder feel like you want to just throw it away and get a new cannabis grinder?

KEEP it and clean it!  With a little time, ISO alcohol and Tidy Tips you will have your grinder back to working like new.

Steps To Cleaning Your Grinder:

  1. Gather your supplies
    1. Have your grinder ready and empty of any herb.
    2. Gather some ISO alcohol, we recommend 91%
    3. Have some Tidy Tips ready (we like them better than Q-Tips because they have more dense cotton for cleaning)
    4. Optionally you can have a small container to hold the alcohol for dipping your Tidy Tips in
  2. Separate your grinder of its parts
  3. Dip a Tidy Tip into the alcohol and clean the edges of the lid and base
    1. Repeat until all residue is gone on the grinder edges and threads
  4. Reassemble your grinders and feel how smooth it works again!

Watch the video below on how to clean a sticky grinder

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