Elev8 at 8 with Little Insignificant People

Posted by Elev8 Presents on 5/20/2022

Elev8 at 8 with Little Insignificant People

We talked to glass artist Little Insignificant People, otherwise known as Lip Glass, about his glassblowing career and the work that he is producing. Little Insignificant People has always been a bit of a pyromaniac and always wanted to find a way to channel that energy into something positive. When he was a kid he saw an episode of Reading Rainbow where the crew toured a glassblowing factory, the sort of place that mass produces items made from soft glass, and Lip Glass was fascinated by the process but he wouldn't get a chance to try it for himself until around 2012 when he was nineteen years old. 

When Little Insignificant People began pursuing glassblowing as a craft and potential career he acquired some necessary tools and teamed up with another blower named Quincy Barnes. The two worked in a garage owned by Lip Glass' parents. Little Insignificant People never took any formal lessons, he learned from Quincy and from online tutorials, the two blowers sharing knowledge with one another as they acquired new skills. 

Little Insignificant People did work in a scientific glassblowing shop for about two years and gained a lot of knowledge that he applies to his work today. His abilities have grown so much over the years, and now he is producing some eye-catching works of functional glass art. Some of Little Insignificant People's favorite items to blow are drinkwares, sherlocks, and recyclers. 

For inspiration Little Insignificant People looks to the amazing works of glassblowers throughout the industry. There are so many incredible artists in the scene, and Lip Glass loves to be able to look at pieces and mentally dissect the processes and techniques that the artist may have utilized to create them. Little Insignificant People tries to collaborate with the artists that he is closest to as often as he can.

Lately Little Insignificant People has often felt like he has had to rush through his work, so in the future he's hoping to slow things down and to focus more on the artistic qualities of the pieces that he is making. He doesn't really have many hobbies outside of glass, the craft consumes his life and he is putting 100% of himself into his work. You can check out more of the incredible creations that Lip Glass is making over on the Little Insignificant People Instagram page

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