Elev8 at 8 with Biohaz Creations

Posted by Elev8 Presents on 11/9/2021

Elev8 at 8 with Biohaz Creations

We talked to glassblower Biohaz Creations about his accomplished career, his work, and what lies in the future for this amazing artist. Biohaz Creations started his brand in 1999 to showcase and sell his own artistic creations, but he wasn't yet a glassblower. At that time the Biohaz Creations brand was used for Biohaz's graphic design work and desktop publishing. Biohaz Creations did, however, become fascinated with the process of glassblowing from a young age after watching blowers work at local state fairs. When he was attending community college around 2009 Biohaz Creations took an introductory glassblowing class and was immediately hooked by the process and the medium. 

Biohaz Creations primary work was in the medical field at a blood bank and as an EMT, and when he discovered a love for glassblowing he took a loan from his work's retirement fund to purchase some glassblowing equipment and supplies. During the first three years Biohaz Creations did mainly soft glass work, but in 2012 he switched his focus towards torch work and borosilicate glass. in 2015 Biohaz Creations took a class from legendary glass artist  Roger Parramore, and then in 2016 he took three classes: a marble class with John Kobuki, a scultpural class with Dawg House Glass, and a kinetic sculpture/marble run class with Bandhu Dunham. In 2018 Biohaz Creations took a scientific glassblowing class from Jim Nasium Glass, and most recently Biohaz Creations took a pumpkin carving class and a potato carving class with Ray Villafane. Villafane is easily the most famous pumpkin carver in the world, and all of the sculptural techniques that Biohaz Creations learned from Villafane were transferable into the world of glass sculptural art. 

In 2021 Biohaz Creations retired from the medical field so that he could focus his efforts entirely on glassblowing, and over this last year he has really embraced his role as a glass artist. Biohaz Creations has a true hustler mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, and he firmly believes that you have to put in the time and effort to get what you want out of life. In the medical field Biohaz Creations often had to work long hours, and he put a lot of energy towards those roles both in and out of the workplace. Now he channels that energy entirely towards his glass art and his pieces reflect the level of commitment that Biohaz Creations has towards his craft.

In his glass art Biohaz Creations tries to strike a perfect balance of all of his glassblowing knowledge, and he doesn't focus on any one particular technique over others. Thanks to this mentality Biohaz Creations has grown into a well-rounded glassblower and he is constantly challenging himself to learn new techs and crafting methods. To this day Biohaz Creations still loves to make simple flower pipes, finding the process and end product to be both incredibly satisfying and marketable. Biohaz Creations also loves to make cremation memorial art, and when he was still working in the medical field he would make glass Christmas ornaments for all of his staff at the blood bank. 

These days Biohaz Creations is continuing to push the envelope of his glassblowing skills into unfamiliar territories. He has played around with making recyclers but hasn't yet had a chance to really focus on the skills needed to make interesting and functional recycler pieces. In the last few years Biohaz Creations has experimented with artistic sculptural works that aren't necessarily related to cannabis glass. He wants to make a fully playable glass kinetic sculpture version of Tetris, and to that end he has been teaching himself to use and integrate Arduino computers into his work. Biohaz Creations tries to collaborate often with other artists like his friend and mentor  Drue Downs of Alchemy ProductionsDawg House Glass (click the link to read our interview with Dawg House), and Hollow Glass among others. Biohaz Creations regularly works with visual artist Mr. Bloodshed who designed Biohaz's logo and painted the tank for his oxygen concentration system. In 2018 Biohaz Creations won "Best Flower Piece" at the Kushstock glass competition. In the future Biohaz Creations intends to continue learning and expanding his skill sets, and you should definitely keep an eye on this glassblower. You can check out more of Biohaz's work over on the Biohaz Creations Instagram page

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