Posted by Elev8 Presents on 6/19/2019


Get to know the one and only Amy Likes Fire glass artist in this interview with by Elev8 Presents.

Amy Likes Fire Glass aka Ace Glass takes glassblowing very seriously making some of the dopest ponies in the world!

Amy Likes Fire Glass loves to make things and the first technique she learned in her life was welding.

Later in life she found a collage that had glassblowing and decided this might be the thing for her.  

At this point in time Amy Likes Fire Glass has been blowing glass for half her life with 17 years of glassblowing under her belt.

Currently Amy Likes Fire Glass is blowing glass in Southern California out of the studio Hypnotized glass.

Amy Likes Fire Glass really loves the work she has done with Mr. Gray glass and many others.  She is grateful for all the artists she has been able to work with over the years.

Amy Likes Fire does not really have a favorite technique, but more to have a array of skills that she can grab from her tool-belt.

Lisa Frank has been compared to Amy Likes Fire in the glass world

Really over the years, Amy Likes Fire is here to be happy and keep doing what she loves!

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