5 Top Reasons To Vaporizer

5 Top Reasons To Vaporizer

Published by Elev8 Presents on 10/4/2019

Why Vaporize Cannabis: Top 5 Benefits of Vaping

1.  Health
2.  Savings
3.  Efficiency
4.  Flavor
5.  Cleanliness

Why is vaporizing better than combustion?

Vaporizing is far superior to combustion when consuming herbs when you take into consideration your health, pocketbook, efficiency, the wonderful flavor and the cleanliness of vaping.  When one turns to vape over combustion he or she will notice many perceived health benefits by the drastic reduction of tars and carcinogens that vaporizing dry herbs will help with.  Over 15 years ago Steve fell in love with vaporizing and he believes strongly in vaping over combustion, especially if you are needing herbs for medical use or are simply a connoisseur.  



Short Version



Vaporizing is perceived to be far healthier compared to the combustion of herbs or cannabis.  This is why we put health as the number one reason we feel people should transition to vaping.  We at Elev8 are not doctors and you should always consult a doctor before you make a change in your lifestyle. A vaporizer will deliver a much purer way of consuming as the plant matter will be left behind. 

The vaporizer heats up the herbs to a point that the oils begin to boil going from a solid, then a liquid and finally to a vapor.  The vapor made from a vaporizer will not contain any carbon-monoxide, little if no tar and many of the other toxins found in smoke will not be found in vapor.

The vaporizer is found to be a much healthier way to consume cannabis.  When cannabis goes through the combustion process, up to 60% of the active cannabinoids so you need to consume more just to get the effects desired compared to vaping. 

Vaping also improves the bioavailability of the cannabis by over 2 X.  Yes, this we also find crazy neat!  When cannabis is smoked the bioavailability is only around 30% while when vaporized the cannabis now has a bioavailability of 50%-80% are destroyed also making the need to consume cannabis reduced.


When using a vaporizer properly you will notice very soon how much less you are consuming.  This, you will see as savings to your pocketbook because vapes have been reported to have a higher bioavailability as well as the elimination of combustion that destroys so much of the cannabinoids. With these efficiencies, you will need less cannabis meaning you will save money, and who does not want to save money?

Considering that combustion does destroy up to 60% of the active ingredients, that math says you can nearly cut your consumption in half and get the same effect.  Then there is the bioavailability of vaporizing that is nearly double the bioavailability of combustion that with the math also says you would consume 1/2 the cannabis to get the same effect.  With no perfect research into this non of this is guaranteed, but it is for sure noticed by vaporizer connoisseurs that say they consume 1/3 - 1/2 the amount as when they smoked. 


When it comes to consumption methods we feel vaping is the most efficient from our research and experiences.  Again we are not doctors here, but with the internet, you will be able to find what we say here is validated over and over.

Bioavailability is maybe the biggest factor that makes vaping more efficient over the combustion of cannabis.  With some of the research out there saying vaping has up to an 80% bioavailability and smoking coming in at only around 30%, the math just does not lie.  Vaping comes in at the highest bioavailability compared to smoking, eating, topicals or tinctures.  

Combustion has been said to destroy up to 60% of the active ingredients in your favorite herbs.  Vaporizers eliminate combustion therefor eliminating the destruction of cannabinoids so you can get nearly all of the intended goodness.  The reason for the destruction is that the flame or cherry of burning cannabis can be up to 2000 degrees.  

With a vape, many people will find they get multiple sessions from one bowl. 

We can not forget to mention that there is the ABV (already been vaped) or AVB (already vaped bud) or duff left over.  This goodness has already been decarboxylated or activated for a more simple term.  You can make butter or we just take it and put it on some toast, peanut butter, and jelly sandwich, on a salad or just eat it.  You will notice that it's not at all like chewing on a cannabis stem.  The cannabis has been roasted like a coffee bean or nut, so it releases new flavors of the plant.  It's different, but it's good, just give it a chance.  


Only a vaporizer is able to give you the true flavors of this amazing plant we call cannabis.  With all the amazing cannabis strains in the world, a true cannabis connoisseur will have a vaporizer, and for sure will have a desktop as these are the workhorses and are super versatile if you have a good one like the Silver Surfer.

If you have not vaped before or are still new to it, you may have heard or noticed that after some hits the cannabis tastes like burnt popcorn.  We are here to set it straight that it does NOT taste like burnt popcorn, it tastes like roasted cannabis.  It's like when people say oh, it tastes like chicken, nope, only chicken really tastes like chicken. 

Vaping the cannabis flower will produce more pronounced flavors compared to smoking. When you vape it's a much lower temperature as well as you are not tasting any of the plant matter.  The terpenes and cannabinoid flavor profiles are more distinct, almost enhancing the flavors.  Smoking on the other hand just destroys the flavors as well as puts the plant in the form of tars in your mouth and lungs.  You will really enjoy the flavors of each strain, both at the beginning of the session as well as the end of the session.   

The next thing we like to mention is what Steve calls the art of vaporizing.  This means two things with the first being that each compound in cannabis vaporizes at a different temperature.  The second meaning to the art of vaporizing is that each strain has a unique flavor profile, both at the beginning, middle and end of the session.  As you vape and become a vaporizer connoisseur you will begin to enjoy the middle and end flavors more and more.  It's like that album you got and it was good, but the more you listened to it, the better it got.  The more you vape, the more your pallet will expand allowing you to really taste that particular strain.  


Smoking is just plain icky compared to vaping.  Even if you are into concentrates you know they are a mess.  Well, keep it simple with a vape and keep it clean.  A vape will keep you rigs cleaner, keep your room smelling fresher and even paired with concentrates will keep them cleaner.  

The first thing you will notice with a vaporizer is that it will not make this thick big cloud and the smell of the vapor does not stick to your clothes like when you smoke cannabis.  This is because the tars and other chemicals found in smoke are not in the vapor.  You'll notice that the vapor will dissipate much sooner than if you sparked a joint.  Those close to you will smell the vapor, but it's way different than the smell of smoke.  The smell of the vapor will more represent the smell of the herb.

Your significant other will soon notice that your breath is much better.  This is always noted instantly if your counterpart does not consume at all.  With fewer tars your teeth will not turn colors as compared to smoking as well.  

If you are an on the go person and want to smoke, this usually always becomes a problem because of the familiar pungent smell of smoked cannabis.  With a vaporizer, you can vaporize with less fear someone is going to smell you and be upset.  

Another huge thing you will notice by vaping is that your glassware will be much cleaner.  A good vape like the Silver Surfer can easily be used with a water pipe to enhance the experience much like a water pipe will enhance your smoking session.  With a vape, you will not eliminate any plant material that was turning to ash and being sucked into the water.  Now your water will stay cleaner and your glass will stay way cleaner.  This will save you time in the kitchen cleaning your rigs.  

The conclusion is that we feel vaping is simply the best way for so many reasons to consume cannabis.

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