Best Head Shop on the East Side (HEMP) Colorado Springs

Head shop, vape shop and glass gallery with CBD, drinking glass and more.
We can help with your glass needs, functional, cremation or just an idea you have.

Colorado Spring's Head Shop for the connoisseur.  Our head shop sells pipes, dab rigs, vapes and CBD.
What makes us different is we actually make many of the unique, high quality items found in our shop.



(719) 646-5352


 We have the Puffco Peak vaporizer and parts in stock

Looking for the best CBD?  Simply-Soluble is it!




 Elev8 is the only headshop in the springs run with glassblowers,
so we can help you out if you have a glass bong or glass pipe repair.  



Here at Elev8 Glass Gallery, we can get many of your glass repairs taken care of!
Our minimum charge is $60 and it goes up from there, depending on the repair.  Your glass repair must be CLEAN and free from any contaminates.
You can learn more about our repair process here.

Glassblowing Classes 


Yep, you can even learn the art of glassblowing with Elev8 Premier.  Take the intro Liquid Arts Experience class and you will be on your way to understanding and appreciating what goes into this glass art form. 
Sign up for a class now!

Our Brick and Mortar store does sell CBD and Kratom as it is not part of the online business.   










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