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Wax Maxer Vape

The Wax Maxer dab pen is the newest most advanced concentrate dabbing pen to hit the market! What did we do to improve the Wax Maxer Dab pen?   O-Ring Top We found that if the threads get sticky it becomes sl…

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The Wax Maxer dab pen is the newest most advanced concentrate dabbing pen to hit the market!

What did we do to improve the Wax Maxer Dab pen?  

  1. O-Ring Top
    1. We found that if the threads get sticky it becomes slightly difficult to remove the top and screw it back on.  With the elimination of the threads and our O-Ring upgrade, you will find it much easier to get to the bowl.
    2. Never worry about stripping the threads
  2. Larger Dab Tool
    1. We have made our amazing design even better with the larger built-in dab tool
  3. Advanced Turbulator
    1. To increase airflow we have changed how the turbulator works.  The air is funneled into the bowl 360 degrees helping to pull the smoothest rips.

The Silver Battery has 3 voltage settings and the Black Battery only has 1 voltage setting

See How To Use The Wax Maxer Dab Pen

Pick from any of three kits:

  • Pen Kit
  • Pen + Battery Kit
  • Pen + Mod Kit
  • This pen is designed for oily concentrates. Dry sifts like kief or hash are not recommended to be used on this.

Designed by the world leader of vaporizers, Elev8 Vehicles. This is their first concentrate dab pen to hit the market, and they did it right. Built on the same technology as the legendary Silver Surfer Vehicle's ceramic heater for durability, you will not be disappointed. The unit is designed to work with any 510-threaded mod or vape battery. We recommend an operating range between 6-10 watts. Exceeding 10 watts could cause the ceramic heater to deteriorate more quickly, and exceeding 14 watts could pose a danger to the user. This pen is not designed for giant hits, as the ceramic heater is designed to run a lower temperature than a metal coil. This means that the Wax Maxer Pro Concentrate Pen delivers the most flavorful hits for the true connoisseur. Sold as a 510-threaded top that can be used with any 510-threaded battery unit, or as a full pen kit with the matching Wax Maxer battery unit. 


Ceramic Heater

Like all of Elev8 Vehicles' vaporizers, the Wax Maxer vape pen utilizes a ceramic heater. Ceramic heaters provide the most durability and the best possible flavor for the true connoisseur. The heating element itself is an electric coil which is is fully encased in ceramic insulation in the shape of a flat disc; these types of coils are sometimes called donut coils or disc coils. When metals are heated to high levels they oxidize at an exponential rate. Encasing the metal coil in ceramic virtually eliminates this oxidation process, allowing the heater to last much longer than an exposed metal coil. Another benefit of the ceramic heater is heat dispersion. Ceramic is a thermal insulator, it distributes the heat from the coil evenly throughout its thermal mass. This allows better vapor production at lower temperatures as there is more of a heating surface area. Ceramic heaters deliver the best flavor as you can run them at lower temperatures (less voltage/wattage) while still producing a nice vapor cloud.


  • What if the heater seems to go out or burn out very fast.
    • Your Wax Maxer heater will last a very long time if you keep it from over heating.  This will happen when it runs dry.  The concentrates in the pen actually also help to keep the heater cool.  Make sure that your heater is ALWAYS in contact with oils, and preferably under oil.



Conical Ceramic Bowl

The Wax Maxer Vape Pen features a conical bowl design. What this accomplishes is that you end up with a smaller reservoir needed to prime. With many pens, the bowl is a straight tube, and this is great if you have a heater that sits on the bottom of the bowl. With the Wax Maxer, and with most all other ceramic heaters, the heater is slightly elevated on two small pedestal-like attachments so that the heat is retained within the element itself. For this reason ceramic elements have an inherent issue with collecting unused concentrate beneath the heater which cannot be properly vaporized because it is not making direct contact with the element. To solve this, Elev8 Vehicles designed a conical bowl that leads down the heating element, providing the smallest reservoir below the element on the market. The conical design allows the heat from the element to pull more of the concentrate down on top of itself. 


No Leak Design

This was one of the biggest things that Elev8 Vehicles looked at when making this pen as leaking is a major problem. The Wax Maxer heater is revolutionary in that it does not have any air intake holes in the bottom of the heater. For years this is where your oil would leak out of, but not now with this amazing heater design! Another thing they designed into this vaporizer pen top is the reservoir designed at the top of the pen. During normal use this does nothing at all. But if you ever leave your pen on its side or worse yet, upside down, never fear. Your concentrates will get caught in the reservoir so you do not have a mess leaking out in your car, pocket or where ever. We still recommend to keep this pen in the upright position at all times. This allows the concentrate to stay on the heater.


Machined Brass & Chrome Plated

The Wax Maxer vape pen is CNC machined from a solid piece of brass.  The brass is then chrome plated for a beautiful shine

Wax Maxer Dab Pen Battery

  • Features:

    • Perfectly designed to make the Wax Maxer pen to an all-inclusive concentrate pen
    • Built-in concentrate silicon lined concentrate dish
    • Micro USB charging
    • Capacity: 1100mah Sub-Ohm Battery
    • Threading: 510
    • Silver Battery Only Temp/Voltage Settings: 3
    • Black Battery 1 Temp/Voltage Setting
    • Output Voltage: 2.8v - 4.2v
    • Max Output: 9.7A
    • Safety Cut Off: 10 seconds


    • Lock/Unlock: 5 Sequential Clicks
    • Silver Battery ONLY (Change Temp Settings: 3 Sequential Clicks)
    • Temp Settings (when the button is pressed):
      • Red - Low (3.4v)
      • Blue - Medium (3.8v)
      • Green- High (4.2v)
    • Charging Time: 4-5 Hours


    • The heater seems to go out or burn out very fast.
      • Your Wax Maxer heater will last a very long time if you keep it from over heating.  This will happen when it runs dry.  The concentrates in the pen actually also help to keep the heater cool.  Make sure that your heater is ALWAYS in contact with oils, and preferably under oil.
    • Red light blinks 3 times when pressed:
      • Explanation: Heater has a short.
      • Fix
        • Remove the heater and press the button again. If the battery blinks Red again 3 times (with no heater installed), the battery has a short and needs to be replaced.
        • If the battery lights up normally with no atomizer, make sure to clean the heater thoroughly, and install it again. If the battery blinks Red again 3 timesthe heater has a short and needs to be replaced
    • Red light blinks 10 times when pressed:
      • Explanation: Battery capacity is too low. 
      • FixCharge battery.


    1. Make sure your battery is completely Locked.
    2. Plug your micro USB into the side of your Wax Maxer Pro battery.
    3. Plug your cable into a wall charger.
    4. Your battery will light up and while charging.
    5. Your battery light will turn off once fully charged (4-5 hours).


    • Do not leave the charger in extreme temperatures (Very Hot or Very Cold)
    • Do not charge near moist environments.
    • Do not leave the battery hanging by its cable. Make sure it is in a stable position.
    • Do not leave charging for extended periods of time.
    • Charge only on non flammable surfaces or in a metal box
    • Charge in a well-ventilated area. 
    • When charging, allow the battery to charge completely prior to using


Wax Maxer Mod Features

  • Fine-tune your vapor hits from 6 watts to as hot as you want to go (be careful if you go past 14 watts!! The manufacturer does not suggest this for longer heater life) Running the heater dry will allow the heater to get too hot and potentially crack braking the heater. If you choose to run over the recommended wattage to at your own risk.  Keeping your heater with enough oils but not too much will keep your heater making great hits and making the life longer on the heater.
  • Can be used with any 510 battery set up
  • Press 5 times fast to turn off and on
  • Fine-tune your vapor experience by going as low as 5 watts for ultimate flavor, and turning it up to increase the vapor production.


19 Reviews

  • Wax Maxer

    Posted by Noah Rosenberg on 12/5/2019

    Awesome and powerful little device. Also has a very convenient wax holder!

  • Love it

    Posted by Mitch on 11/25/2019

    Nothing better than a 2 in 1 pen. Very useful

  • Wax Maxer vape dab pen

    Posted by Donald Curry on 9/30/2019

    I use this vape pen regularly and I am very impressed. The charge last several days for my needs. I am so happy that it is metal because the only negative is me knocking it over. If it was glass well..... Your not doing yourself a favor buy not have having the company name on the Pen. Good thing I saved the page or who knows if I would have found you again.

  • Wax Maxer vape dab pen

    Posted by Don C on 5/27/2019

    I like this item a lot because I do not enjoy using a dab rig because it's a pain in the butt. I don't use wax a lot and this pen is excellent for casual dabbers. |What I do not like is the the inability to tell if it is still on. You just assume it is on. There should be a light showing the unit is on and if so the light should stay on. The other thing is that the light for charging should change from red to blue when the battery is fully charged. I am assuming that when the red light is off the unit is charged. I'm just guessing and hoping it means I have a full charge.

  • Wonderful

    Posted by James johnson on 5/7/2019

    Great addition to my dab station. Cap has built in carb cap action. Built in dab container and dab tool is cherry on top

Wax Maxer V2 Pro Dab Pen

Wax Maxer V2 Pro Dab Pen

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