Heater Enhancement Tube for SSV, SUP, and DBV

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We have the new heater enhancer tubes done!  This is only for people that want to run their units at a lower temperature.     Here is the newly inspired heating addition to the Elev8 Vehicles deskto…

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We have the new heater enhancer tubes done!  This is only for people that want to run their units at a lower temperature.  


Here is the newly inspired heating addition to the Elev8 Vehicles desktop vape line.  This was inspired by Troy over at 420 Vape Zone.  The Silver Surfer has become Troy's hardest hitting vape he has when he put in some beads.  We found it a super dope idea and figured we could simplify the idea.  We have been able to get the same powerful hits from the desktop, but now running the unit at about 10%-20% less power.  To many this may not be a big deal.  But for those of you who like the dark roast for full spectrum extraction, this addition can help you unit get more heat with less power.  We have found this is a really nice addition for the Super Surfer if you like to hit your vape fast.


  • Made of pure quartz glass 
  • Made at the Elev8 Premier Studio
  • Fits the Silver Surfer Vehicle, Super Surfer Vehicle, and the Da Buddha Vehicle.

8 Reviews

  • Works as stated, great quality

    Posted by Tom Hively on 6/21/2022

    Makes a great difference in not combusting

  • Save the Weed!

    Posted by Brent C on 5/31/2022

    For me, I ended up turning the power up - but I like to RIP. What is noticed most was the reduction in combustion. Much fewer incident of burning.

  • Quartz Heater Enhancement

    Posted by Chuck on 3/19/2022

    The Quartz Heater Enhancement, which is an alternative to the ruby bead mod for the Silver Surfer, is just OK. It's nowhere near as effective as the beads, but it seems to help somewhat. If you don't want to mess with ruby beads, it's a slight improvement over stock performance.

  • Quartz heater tube

    Posted by Blaine on 11/14/2021

    If you prefer to rip the SSV hard for massive hits vs the slow delicious approach, this mod is awesome once you get it set up right. There was some finicking, but that may have been some screen issues. Once it was set up right, I could crank up the SSV to full power and take big milky rips. It makes it less likely to combust in my experience as well. If you prefer to go to the edge of combustion, this is for you. I understand that this is kind of considered un-needed, and that’s a fair argument. It is, unless you want to push the limits of the SSV and vaping vs combustion.

  • Heater Tube

    Posted by Matt on 3/20/2021

    This thing makes a huge improvement for DBV use. It makes the heat much more consistent, reduces risk of combustion, and generates more vapor. It seems kind of expensive for this little piece but it makes a huge difference. If you use your DBV regularly I highly recommend it. Before I would have to monitor my draws to make sure I wasn't getting close to burning any material. This tames any heat spikes and delivers a good, smooth, full draw.

Heater Enhancement Tube for SSV, SUP, and DBV

Heater Enhancement Tube for SSV, SUP, and DBV

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