Heady Halloween


You want to be a part of Heady Halloween?




Join us also at 7 Eleven for a ton of fun and candy!  
From 12pm to 4pm

We will offer a VIP package this year!  
Only $88

VIP FORM for staff

Only $88

  • 1 Heady Halloween entry ticket ($10 value)
  • Branded Heady Halloween Pint Glass ($15 value)

  • 10 Free raffle tickets  ($10 value)

  • CBD Elev8 Doll Bath Bomb  ($15 value)

  • Elev8 Glass Gallery Branded Lighter   ($4 value)

  • 1 Time Discount for 30% off anything Elev8 ends 12-31-2021($30 if you spend $100)

  • Elev8 Snowflake T-Shirt   ($20 value)

  • Dub Saq Carrying Bag   ($5 value)

  • Limited Heady Halloween Hat pin   ($10 value)

  • 1 Drink Tickets (wine, wells, draft beer or soda)   ($15-$22 value)
    Total Value is over $130  

Elev8 Glass Gallery wants to have some cool costumes, so we are having some really sweet prizes for those of you who ELEV8 your Heady Halloween Costume! 


Must be present to win
1st Place Costume Prize

Rig + Silver Surfer Vape with EOK $1600 value

2nd Place Costume Prize

Silver Surfer WRS with EOK $400 value

3rd Place Costume Prize
$250 Elev8 Glass Gallery Gift Card

4th Place Costume Prize
$150 Elev8 Glass Gallery Gift Card

5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Place Costume Prize
Elev8 Doll CBD Bath Bomb, Super Soaker $50 Elev8 Glass Gallery Gift Card


When you come to our event you will be given 1 free treat ticket!  You can earn more tickets in our carnival games.  The more tickets you get, the better your chance of winning!  The great news is a portion of all treat ticket sales goes to Elev8 Veterans.


We will also be giving away Trick Or Treat bags thought out the night!  Will you get a treat or a trick?  These bags are filled with all kinds of cool things and make your treat tickets more valuable.  The more you have, the better your chances of winning are.  OH, and by the way, proceeds go to Elev8 Veterans.
What you get in the trick bag is a secret, but what you get in the treat bag will be something from the list below.

  • Limited Edition Heady Halloween Dub Saq canvas bag
  • Super Soaker
  • Simply Soluble CBD
  • Elev8 Doll Bath Bomb
  • 1 time use 30% discount code to any Elev8 store.

1st Place Treat Ticket Prize

$1500 value

2nd Place Costume Prize

Silver Surfer WRS with EOK $400 value

3rd Place Costume Prize
$250 Elev8 Glass Gallery Gift Card

4th Place Costume Prize
$150 Elev8 Glass Gallery Gift Card

5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Place Costume Prize
Elev8 Doll CBD Bath Bomb, Super Soaker $50 Elev8 Glass Gallery Gift Card 
















Elev8 Pizza CO
proceeds go to Elev8 Veterans


Bobby’s world Korean BBQ

A Brain Freeze and More


Join us this Oct 31st at Sunshine Studios for Colorado Springs's most FIRE event called Heady Halloween.  If you are a blower, we would LOVE to have you join us.  We want you there so much as we love the community, we are offering you free Butter Color and Elev8 Lined Tubing to build a rig out of.  Just make the rig using at least some of our new Butter Color and you are IN!  What you are in for is an amazingly great time!  We want to show off the butter and your rig at the event.  You can put it up for sale and keep all the profits if it sells there.  If it does not, well you still can keep it, or get with Becca to potentially get it for the shops.  

Come on by to our shop and get your butter prep now!  Also, when you make this rig, you get 1 free ticket to get into Heady Halloween!

Are you a vendor and want to join us? 

You don't need payment to register.   It is the vendor fee, it is at Sunshine Studios and people buy tickets.  You are not asked to give anything this time for the giveaways.  We provide,  electricity,  table, chair, tent or indoors plus you receive 4 tickets to the event and raffle tickets too.
Once registered, I will reach out to confirm and answer any questions.   At that time we will arrange the payment agreed upon at that time. 



You get

  • $100 to join no give a way stuff

  • They get 1 table

  • 4 entry tickets

  • Option to buy tickets at 20% off

  • Social media shout outs

  • Co host our event

  • 4 raffle tickets


We are also looking for Elev8 Dolls & Elev8 Gents volunteers.  Anyone can be an Elev8 Ambassador and help build the Elev8 dream!


Helping out Elev8 with this once a year event is special!  You not only get to enjoy the event, but you become an interval part to Heady Halloween.  When you decide to help with this event Elev8 Glass Gallery will get you some store credits depending on how much you want to help.  Sign up in the link below and an Elev8 Doll will get in touch with you.

Don't forget out sale!!


2021 Costume Contest Winners

2021 Costume Contest FORM

See what happened in2020!



Click to Visit BeatPics for all the green screen photos


Click to see the costume winners 




View Your Rankings 




We ant you at Heady Halloween.  Elev8 Premier has decided to do a Heady Halloween Color pull and want to do an ultimate glassblower community project.  The more blowers we have at the part, the more HEADY as only blowers can make it that extra heady special.

Below is a pendant made from the color to show you an example of what can be done.  The colors are lava, steel wool, jet black, galaxy and canary.  The vision of the color is a lit pumpkin on a dark starry night.

Please fill out this form and stop on by Elev8 Premier and talk with Jeff to get your piece.  Hope to see you at Colorado Springs dopest Halloween party, and we know that by having you there, it will be the best ever.  




Prizes for Costume Contest and Treat Tickets will be posted here by Nov. 15, 2021  



 See Some Of The Amazing People At Last Years

Heady Halloween 2018!


Some Fire Shots of the Heady Halloween 2018



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