420 Party

Elev8 - 5th annual 420 Event! 



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Dawns Beauty


Glassblowers that will be in the Elev8 Glass Events!
Simply Jeff

Sean O Tron

Schnoortz Glass

Skoeet Glass

HCF Glass

Pat D Glass

Lyric Glass

Kelnhofer Glass

Thack Daddy

DBK Glass

Sunshine Studios!



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Join BATTLE-TOPS & the Sherlock competition!



Each blower can make 2 tops or go for the gold and win both categories with 1 top! 

There Are Two Battles:

Battle 1 - Top Art Battle
Battle 2 -  Top Arena Battle 

Rules for Battle 1 - Top Art Battle:

  • Must spin like a top
  • Votes will be based on the crowd and judges combined.
    • 1 cumulative crowd vote
    • 3 votes from judges
    • 1 vote per person (if you vote twice, all your votes are invalid)
    • Crowd votes will be added up and this will count as 2 points
    • 3 Judges will vote with 1 vote each.  
    • There is a total of 5 votes (3 judge votes and 2 crowd votes)
  • Can be any size
  • You can use any technique
  • You do not have to be present

Rules for Battle 2 - Top Arena Battle 

  • There will be 3 battles and the winner will be the one who wins the most of 3 battles
  • Double elimination per battle
  • Must spin like a top
  • Can use any method to make the top spin (steam, string, magic)
  • Can be any size
  • Can be any shape
  • You can use any technique
  • You must be present, and YOU must spin your top.

One top is full art to fight in the art battle.  Then the second top is made to fight in the arena!

Winner for the art top will win $150 in cash and Elev8 swag

Winner for the arena fight will win $150 cash and Elev8 swag

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We love Sherlock's so we had to do this competition again!
The theme of this years Sherlock competition is COLOR YOUR WORLD!

The Rules!

  • Must be a Sherlock style pipe
  • Rainbow colors are the theme so make it colorful like a bag of Skittles
    • Elev8 Premier is donating lined rainbow tubing for your pipe needs.  This is free for use on this Sherlock only.  
  • Can be any size
  • You can use any technique
  • 3 Judges will vote with 1 vote each.
  • There is a total of 5 votes (3 judge votes and a crowd vote worth 2 votes)
  • If your pipe is pimp Elev8 may want to purchase it from you for the shops.  The shop can only take in so much so it has to be perfectly priced.
  • You can put your piece for sale at the event.  If it sells Elev8 Glass Gallery will keep 25% of the sales price.
  • You do not have to be present



  • $250 for first place
  • $150 for second place
  • $50 for third place
  • $25 for forth place
  • $25 for fifth place

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