Duff Jar - Dry Herb Storage - Handcrafted by Elev8 Premier

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This is the newest version of our famous Duff Jar! Over 13 years, the Duff Jar has evolved from a simple but unusual jar into a gorgeous hand-crafted piece of art which you can use to store your spent herb, aka 'already …

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This is the newest version of our famous Duff Jar! Over 13 years, the Duff Jar has evolved from a simple but unusual jar into a gorgeous hand-crafted piece of art which you can use to store your spent herb, aka 'already vaped bud' (AVB/ABV).  

The newly designed and fully hand-crafted Duff Jar by Elev8 Premier is a thing of beauty. No two Duff Jars are alike as no mold is used. As of right now you will get one that resembles the Duff Jars pictured.  Each Duff Jar is crafted from an 80mm x 5mm tube. The ground joint at the top of the Duff Jar is made by hand and then ground to perfection using a diamond bit.

If you want to go all out, please give us a call and we can make a custom Duff Jar for you!

To use your Duff Jar, first you have to vape some bud in your Silver Surfer Vaporizer, Super Surfer Vaporizer, or Da Buddha Vaporizer! 


  • Features a 19mm ground glass exhaust port with a Duff Jar Filter, the filter contains a 14.8mm screen (GREEN) which allows air to pass through the jar while trapping the spent herb. 
  • Hand crafted at the at Elev8 Premier glassblowing studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado!
  • See our Premier Duff Jars
  • Image shown with wand.  There is no lid

Note: the thumbnail image above depicts a Duff Jar being used with a Spherical Flavor Disc Wand, the wand is not included with the Duff Jar. You should use whatever wand you currently have for your vaporizer. Note that Duff Jars do not have lids, you will receive one Duff Jar as well as one Duff Jar Filter



6 Reviews

  • Tha best!

    Posted by Skrimpboat on 4/6/2022

    I got the duff jar because I won some money at a casino and had to dump the cash before my wife found out. This thing is awesome and I wish I would have got it years ago. Well worth the cash.

  • Functional quality

    Posted by John Carnell on 6/4/2021

    Hi, I bought this about a month ago and was very happy with the beautiful solid glass work. The unit functions fantastically, I use it with the ground glass wand, and it's perfect. The kind people at Elev8 were very helpful and included a spare filter (which I had forgotten to order originally) to avoid the killer postage charges to Australia, almost 50% of the item price, but that's just how shipping out of US is. I've ordered other quality glass fittings and accessories all top-notch, well done team Elev8 keep up the great work. I highly recommend them!!

  • Amazing

    Posted by Jeff on 7/24/2020

    The jar feels and looks wonderful. The design is great and it functions perfectly well.

  • Hand crafted Duff Jar

    Posted by JK on 6/9/2020

    This jar is awesome...hand made....heavy duty glass!

  • Quality, value

    Posted by Tom K. on 5/19/2020

    I just got this unit recently. I've never had a special designed duff jar before and didn't even know what they were. The cheaper jars were out and I decided to opt for quality instead of waiting. I'm glad I got this jar: it's very well made, looks good, but it is really awesome in how well it works. I recently had a flashover with my herbs (it overheated and burned) and I quickly added the residue to the duff jar but was facinated by the smoke (from the flashover) coming out of the side port. Neat.

Duff Jar - Dry Herb Storage  - Handcrafted by Elev8 Premier

Duff Jar - Dry Herb Storage - Handcrafted by Elev8 Premier

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