Custom Spherical Ground Glass Wand #09

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SSV Vape
SUP Vape
Vape Wand

7th Floor's artisan glass blowers made this amazing Silver Surfur Vaporizer wand just for you. Imagine when you get this, opening the package and this beauty jumping out to its new parent. You'll be very happy, and your …

Call to have a wand made like this for only $155

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Custom Spherical Ground Glass Wand #09

Custom Spherical Ground Glass Wand #09

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Silver Surfer Vehicle

Custom Spherical Ground Glass Wand #11

Our artisan glassblowers have created a most spectacular wand specimen. Imagine your vaporizer sporting this amazingly designed wand. Hand crafted to be extra thick and heavy, the way 7th Floor knows...

Character Pick, Poker or Dab Tool Rubber Ducky

Elev8 Glass

Character Pick, Poker or Dab Tool

We believe this is one of the most used and valuable tools in the industry. You can use one for your dabs, to stir you pipe bowl, stir your vape bowl, use it as a toothpick, maybe a hair pick, a...

Replacement Hose or Tubing

Silver Surfer Vehicle

Replacement Hose or Tubing

This premium quality vaporizer hose or tubing we offer is the best hose or tubing for your vape on the market. Made of food grade vinyl tubing, it is far better than silicon tubing because it does...

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Da Buddha Vehicle® Da Buddha Vehicle®

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Why choose a Da Buddha? Ceramic heating element provides even convective heat, reducing the risk of combustion Glass-on-glass components provide great tasting vapor, and easy cleaning...

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Why choose a Sidekick? Stir Tool Built-In Conveniently stir your bowl without taking off the lid.   Keeps the herb from cooking too much on the outside and not on the...

Was: $150.00
Now: $125.00
DBV Ground Glass Whip

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DBV Ground Glass Whip

This is the full ground glass whip which is used to make the Da Buddha™ Herbal Vaporizer hands free! Features: 19mm male front joint Uses the 15.8mm screen in the Blue...

Custom Ground Glass Wand 16 Custom Ground Glass Wand 16

Silver Surfer Vehicle

Custom Ground Glass Wand 16

Our artisan glass blowers have made an amazing wand at our Elev8 glass studios. With a clean blend from red to blue, this piece is great for all you who love a heavy wand that is minimalistic yet...

Replacement Screens Replacement Screens

Elev8 Glass

Replacement Screens

These steel screens are designed to fit any Elev8 Vehicle products which require a screen. Our screens come in three different sizes, and each pack contains 10 screens. The size you need will depend...


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