How To Use The Elev8 Dab Bat

Posted by Elev8 Presents on 6/19/2019

How To Use The Elev8 Dab Bat

Using the Elev8 Dab Bat is fairly straight forward if you have used a dab straw or nectar collector before.  This amazing upgrade is super easy to use and will save you from some uncool times in the future.

Pro Tips

  • Getting the quartz part unstuck from the inside
    • As your Dab Bat gets used oils will go up inside.  This makes the inside a sticky place.  So the issue is that the oils will get thicker and will hold the quartz tip inside the housing.  The best way to get this out is gently heat the boro housing up.  Heat it up slow, very slow and do not over heat.  It may seem you want to keep heating it as the quartz tip will take time to fall out.  The heat needs to penetrate through the glass and then melt the oils some.  This takes time.  If you heat it up too fast, it will get hot can could become a point that could burn you. 
  • Heating up the dab bat
    • We always suggest that you heat up the dab bat over a silicon pad.  If you have not cleaned your Dab Bat and there is a lot of oils inside of it, as you heat the tip up, some oils can get very hot and drip out.  Be very careful when you are heating and ALWAYS assume the tip is hot and NEVER touch it.  

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