Super Soaker Cleaning Container

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Cleaner Super Soaker

The ultimate pipe cleaner container.  Designed to clean pipes, bowls, carb caps, vape parts and so much more.  Cleaning your pipe with this cleaning device is so much easier than ever before.    Fea…

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The ultimate pipe cleaner container.  Designed to clean pipes, bowls, carb caps, vape parts and so much more.  Cleaning your pipe with this cleaning device is so much easier than ever before. 





  • Made of high quality platinum cured silicone
    • You can save your cleaner in the silicone container for use again and again
  • Plug also seals a 19mm, 14mm or 10mm female ground joint
    • Added feature for when you want to clean a waterpipe or rig.  Use this to close the joint hole
  • Spout is designed to fit inside the spout of the cleaner bottle
    • This allows you to reuse your cleaner and easily pour the cleaner back into the original cleaner bottle with no worry of splash
  • Lid features ribs to allow the cleaner to drain with a round object like a pipe end
    • Allows you to remove your pipe without sticking your hand in dirty cleaner
  • Holds up to a 6 inch pipe fully submersed in cleaner
  • Color Options (Note, these pictures are only close to what the colors will be, and not exact)
    • Green/Yellow
    • Purple/Pink
    • Blue/White
  • Acts as a smell proof container for on the go



6 Reviews

  • Super Soaker

    Posted by Unknown on 8/1/2022

    Works great, soft, no smell and fits many pipes.

  • Love my Super Soaker

    Posted by Bri on 1/9/2021

    I stocked up my family when there was a Christmas sale on the super soakers. Everyone I gave them to loves them too! It’s something no one knew they needed until they had it, now it’s part of everyone’s glass cleaning routine. Thanks!

  • Such a genius product!

    Posted by Becca on 9/10/2020

    This thing is so convenient! I absolutely love it!

  • Excellent Product So Far

    Posted by Sharon on 8/12/2020

    This is what you need hands down. Finally a safe and pretty design, too. Working out better than I expected.

  • Super Soaker

    Posted by Dustin Bryant on 5/10/2020

    I love this super soaker to clean my bangers and other items.

Super Soaker Cleaning Container

Super Soaker Cleaning Container

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