Why Buy Elev8 Glass?

Why Buy Elev8 Glass?

Published by Elev8 Presents on 12/11/2021

  1. High-Quality Affordable Glass
  2. Fully customizable with American marbles
  3. Can be purchased with the Phoenix Oath Glass Warranty
  4. All glass is inspected when we receive it, and when it goes out

Those who are familiar with Elev8 Glass Gallery's product line will know that we carry two brands of in-house glass, Elev8 Premier and Elev8 Glass. Elev8 Premier glass is made by our team of fulltime glassblowers at the Elev8 Premier studio in Colorado Springs, and includes a vast range of custom American-made glass from rigs to pipes to custom components for Elev8 Vehicles' selection of vapor delivery vehicles. These are high-quality pieces made with clear glass and colored glass sourced from manufacturers who are right here in the USA. Our blowers are allowed total creative freedom when making Elev8 Premier pieces, and anyone who is familiar with cannabis glass knows that American-made borosilicate cannabis glass is the best in the industry. We hold our Elev8 Premier blowers to an extremely high standard and inspect every piece before it leaves the studio to be sold. 

On the other side of the coin we have Elev8 Glass, our brand of affordable and highly functional glass pieces which are made by our team of foreign glass artisans. We work closely with our Elev8 Glass foreign artisan team to develop new designs, color palettes, and to troubleshoot designs or manufacturing hiccups. While many head shops that sell foreign artisan glass simply order premade pieces at wholesale prices, Elev8 Glass is actually a curated selection of glass pieces which are designed specifically for our brand. Just like with pieces made by Elev8 Premier, every piece of Elev8 Glass is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our shipping facility in Colorado Springs.

Most Elev8 Glass pieces come from a single facility in China which is staffed by glassblowers who have been working with glass most of their lives. Some of these blowers come from generational lines of glassblowers that can be traced back hundreds of years. The cannabis glass industry in the United States often stigmatizes foreign artisan glass because of the perceived lack of quality and the low cost of labor, but our CEO Steve Kelnhofer has personally traveled to the glassblowing facility where Elev8 Glass is manufactured to see the facility first-hand, and Steve was incredibly impressed by the working conditions and the level of skill on display among these artisanal glassblowers. Our close relationship with the foreign artisan team allows us to offer a wide range of color options for every Elev8 Glass piece, and the colors used by the foreign artisan team are unique shades, often with pastel or milky tones that can't be found anywhere else. Every piece is hand-blown using the same techniques that glassblowers utilize throughout the rest of the world.

Elev8 Glass is the perfect option for the cannabis user who wants an awesome, functional piece without breaking the bank. American-made glass like our Elev8 Premier line is fantastically artistic and the construction is of the utmost quality, but that level of quality also demands a steep price that many cannabis users or people who are new to the world of glass collecting cannot afford to pay. Elev8 Glass represents a budget option that will deliver a great quality at a great price, and all of these pieces are inspected before they leave our shipping facility to ensure that you are only getting the best quality product for your money. 

We encourage you to check out our line of Elev8 Glass foreign artisan pieces. These foreign artisan glassblowers are constantly coming up with new ideas for their pieces, and they have really grown to become a powerhouse in the market of affordable foreign artisan cannabis glass. 

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