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 Design Your Own Super Surfer Wave Rider! silver-surfer-design-your-own1.jpg


Put your own image on a Silver Surfer! This WRS will be a one of a kind device made just for you. You will get the #2 and our founder Steve will get the #1 for his display collection of #1s. No other unit will ever be made than the #1 and #2, ever.  We require 300dpi imagery as our printing and sublimation process is extremely detailed.  

In the digital age many of you will have your art in a digital format and may not be able to know if your art is 300dpi.  For this we can suggest to use art that is at a minimum of 1920x1080 at 72 dpi.  Here we also recommend that the higher the dpi, the better.  

Download the template PSD Template Here. 

Please submit your image to customercare@elev8distribution.com so it can be approved.  If we have any questions we will get back to you.  The Wave Rider Series is very special to us so we will not ever print anything that looks bad.  The resolution quality needs to be very high, if it is not high enough we will just can not print poor quality as the Surfer is the premier device in the galaxy. 

Once you have put your art on the template you can email us the file as the highest resolution you can save it as a JPEG.   

You can also browse through our in-house, artist, and band designs here. 

If you don't have your own image but have an idea for one, we can create a design for you! There is a $100 hourly charge for custom work, and the first hour is non-refundable. Contact us for details. 



The Super Surfer Vehicle is the world's most versatile desktop vehicle. In addition to all the capabilities of a standard Silver Surfer, it includes a forced-air system that can be used to fill a vapor bag or can be used with a whip. It has a lighted base with multiple lighting modes to create the desired ambiance for your session. It ships with a custom padded bag, an aroma top, and all the accessories needed for use with the included whip and/or vapor bag. Like all 7th Floor vehicles, it is also compatible with a variety of filtration and cooling accessories.

Why choose a Super Surfer Desktop Vehicle?

  • Crafted in Colorado Springs

  • Fill a bag or blow your whip with the forced air

  • Glass/silicone valve system* for easy use

  • 7-color LED mode lighting system 

  • Fan and LED system have individual rotating knobs so you can dial in your desire

  • The flavor produced by the Super Surfer Vehicle is #1 with an all-glass on glass connection

  • Clean flavor and extremely long life with the legendary ceramic heater

  • The angle of the dangle allows your herbs to stay where the should

  • Packaged in a high-quality hemp and polyester handmade padded bag

  • With the Aroma Top you can diffuse wax melts and essential oils 24/7

  • Designed by a glassblower to work with nearly any glass attachment


  • TESTED!  SSV units have been known to run 10+ years

  • Rust and degradation resistant 

  • Quality tested for 24/7 use

  • Clean metal-free hits.

The Ceramic heater is the foundation of all our devices. Tested for 10+ years of 24/7 use on any temperature. We are the first company in the industry to offer this type of ceramic heater.  The ceramic heater is the benchmark of heaters because of the protection the ceramic offers the element.  By fully encasing the element and keeping it away from the air, oxidation is eliminated making for a time tested long-lasting heater that gives amazing flavor.


  • Clean tasty vapor every time

  • Easy and Convenient cleaning and maintenance 

  • Quality Hand-blown glass from Elev8 glass blowers

  • Nearly any glass part can be upgraded to be a unique as you. 

  • Designed and engineered by a blower and grower you will see what makes the Super Surfer the choice vehicle/dab machine/diffuser for the connoisseur 

  • Allows easy connection to any rig

  • The bag mouthpiece also fits in nearly any 14mm or 19mm female joint.

The glass on glass connections are the signature of our devices and the Super Surfer is no exception. Spherical Glass allows for use with the hands-free attachment. This connection ensures the joint never gets stuck and offers a bowl size 33% larger than ground glass.  But the innovation never stops with the new spherical flavor disc bowl that is again 33% larger than the standard spherical.  See the evolution of our wands and heater covers in our blog.



  • The angle keeps herbs in the wand where they belong

  • This angle also reduces stress on the glass as the housing helps hold the wand when paired with the included hands-free attachment

  • Includes a spherical ground glass hands-free attachment

The angle of the Super Surfer allows for the hands-free attachment, spherical glass, and reduces the stress on the glass heater cover and wand. This angle also keeps your herbs from falling into the heating element while maintaining the ergonomic comfort in which your hands naturally rest.


  • Variable fan speed control 

  • Perfect for those with COPD or weak lungs 

  • Intended for use with vapor bag-valve system

  • Works with the whip system 

The Fan driven air system is the biggest upgrade between the Silver Surfer and Super Surfer Vehicle. This allows for use of the bag attachment and is capable of filling even a 10ft bag!  The bag can be filled and passed around with a group of people, making the Super a more party-friendly device.  Another really neat thing about the fan is when used with the whip system.  It will not push vapor through water, but it does offer assistance.  One way we like is to just let the fan push vapor out of the whip mouthpiece into your face breathing air.  This really is cool on your lungs.


  • Classic SSV bag redesigned for the Super Surfer

  • Pockets designed to hold all accessories 

  • Durable hemp/polyester blend exterior

  • Velvet interior to keep your Super and glass comfy.

The Super Surfer Storage Bag is made with the mentality of "Super" in mind. Handmade from the same durable Hempster blend and now featuring 8 pockets for the Super Surfer accessories.  Elev8 uses the bags rather than a box in their attempt to be green.  The packaging is needed, so why not use a packaging that is reusable?  Well, the Super Surfer does just that.  With the built-in strap on the Super Surfer bag, you will be able to toss your cooled down Super inside the bag and go.


  • The valve system is made of glass and silicon

  • Saves every wisp of your vapor with the bag and fan 

  • Easy push to open, pull to close 

This uniquely designed wand is made specifically for the vapor bag attachment and fan for your Super Surfer Vehicle. The valve is composed of a glass wand, glass valve slide, and silicon connector. This valve design insures your vapor bag is filled with crisp vapor without losing even a single wisp of flavor!  We are so excited about the new design as it is so easy to use, easy to clean and is far superior to any valve system on the market.


Fade-In-Out Mode

  • Multi-function lights can be set to your mood while you use

  • 13 light settings including fades, flashes, and 7 solid color modes

  • Base and inner tube are illuminated

  • Makes a great nightlight!


Choose from 13 different modes, 7 of which are a single color, 3 blends between colors, and 3 fading in and out between colors. The modes that transition between colors work on 5, 10, and 20-second intervals!  Inspired by the horse of a different color from the Wizard Of Oz. 



  • Glass top affords you the option of using wax melts

  • Keep your home smelling great with your favorite scent 

  • Dish design allows you to consume and diffuse all at once

  • Leave on your Super 24/7

  • Learn How To Use The Aroma Top On The Surfer

The aroma top lets you keep your home smelling great with waxes or oils 24/7 without interrupting your experience. 7th Floor also sells our collection of wax and oil scents that work perfectly with the Super Surfers Aroma Top.  The great thing about the Aroma Top is that if your partner does not consume, this is still a machine they can use.  No other device on the market can diffuse at the same time.  

Accessory Upgrades


Essential Oil Kit (Dab Dish)


    • With the Dab Dish, your Super Surfer Vehicle becomes the ultimate hybrid machine.  Dabs, dry herb and the ability to diffuse makes the Super Surfer SUPER. 

    • Easily switch between the EOK dab dish and dry herb heater cover

    • Features a quartz dish that works like any banger or e-nail, but safely sits inside the Super Surfer

Custom Wands


    • Elev8 Premier can make you nearly kind of wand you like.  We have a nice selection to pick from now, or you can call and talk with a blower to have your dream come true (after interpretation).

    • All glass pathway wand

Custom Knobs


    • Pick from our amazing upgrade knobs

    • Call to have a knob made how you like.  The Super Surfer Vehicle is made to be unique like you.

Add water filtration


What's in the bag?

  • Super Surfer Vehicle with Spherical Ground Glass Heater Cover and Whip Assembly (Mouthpiece, Wand, 3-ft of tubing)

  • Complete Vapor Bag Assembly* with Sick Clips 

    (5 glass pieces and 2 clips)

  • Roll of food-grade plastic Vapor Bags

  • Glass Aroma Top with wax melt sample

  • Replacement Screens

  • Stainless Steel Pick

  • Hands-Free Attachment

  • Ceramic FlavorDisc

  * Due to current parts shortages, Valve wand may include colored glass parts until supplies return to normal, there is no functional difference only in appearance.

Additional Details

Warranty 1-3 Year

1 Review

  • 5
    Super Surfer - design your own

    I am not only amazed with this product and the attachments, but also how awesome my design came out. This is truly the BEST vaporizer on the market, 11/10 would recommend !

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