Creep Glass

For over a decade Jacob Lee aka Creep Glass has been working in the flame. Lately he has been focusing on mastering the art of sculpture in borosilicate glass medium. Creep Glass has been able to sculpt nearly anything into glass as he is willing to take on any sculpture. Breaking down each part that a sculpture needs Creep Glass has the ability to craft glass in a way that many can not. One thing he has noticed is that a sculptured figure half way through the process may not look good, but with hard work and in the end Creep Glass make it HAPPEN! Mixing in cultural icons can be tricky as the art must be on point as everyone knows what the art is supposed to look like. This is a skill stretcher and Creep Glass is always pushing the envelope. Feeling like he is in art class each day, Creep Glass has found a way of life many of us can only dream of. As the glass community grows so do the relations between artists. As the relations grow they find that each artists pushes each other to an level of Elev8. This is why we are so proud to offer the art of Creep Glass here at Elev8 Glass Gallery.

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