Wax Maxer Pro Manual

The Wax Maxer Pro V2 is the ultimate concentrate pen!
The revolutionary top design uses 510 threads, and the battery unit includes a silicone-lined stash bucket!

Wax Maxer Instruction Video

What comes with your Wax Maxer V2 Pen Top:

  • 510 threaded adapter
  • Ceramic Heater
  • Heater Cover & Turbulator
  • Mouthpiece & Dab Tool


Using the Wax Maxer Pro Vape Pen

The Wax Maxer Pro (WMP) vape pen has been crafted by a connoisseur for connoisseurs.    The Wax Maxer Pro vape pen is designed to be easy to use, simple to clean, discrete and long lasting.

Standard maintenance and a few precautions will allow you to use your Wax Maxer Pro vape pen for years trouble free.  

When you first get your Wax Maxer Pro vape pen you will need to screw it into our favorite battery, your battery or you can even use a MOD.  Just note that we do not recommend you to run your Wax Maxer Pro vape pen past 15 watts.  Now that you have our Wax Maxer Pro vape pen top screwed into the power source you will need to fill it with your favorite concentrate.

wax-maxer-housing-and-mouthpiece.jpgStep 1

Twist and pull the housing and it will come off.  The WMP vape pen uses o-rings so no threads will ever get stuck.  Remove the mouthpiece from the housing so that you can use it the built in dabber to fill your heater with your favorite concentrates.  

When filing your Pro pen you should always take note to have some oils over your heater.  The oils as they vaporize take a lot of heat from the ceramic heater.  If you run your Wax Maxer Pro vape pen without oils over the heater you risk over heating your heater.  Note also that the higher your run the wattage or voltage on your WMP vaporizer the quicker the heater heats up, as well as the hotter the heater will get.  We also find that running it cooler gives smoother hits.

wax-maxer-heater-with-dabs.jpgStep 2

The first time you fill your WMP vape pen you have to fill the reservoir.  This is on all pens as the heater must sit on a small pedestal so that it does not loose too much heat to the housing.  The WMP vape pen has one of the smallest reservoirs with the biggest bowl using our unique tapered bowl.  We recommend about 1/2 a pea the first fill and about half that each time you refill your pen with your favorite concentrates. 

Step 3

Put the mouthpiece and dab tool back in the housing, and put the housing back on the adapter. 

Step 4

With your heat set to no more than 4.2 volts or 15 watts press your power button.  We feel pressing it about 1-2 seconds before you inhale gives a great hit.  After 1-2 seconds put the pen to your lips and inhale.  Slower speeds will give slightly larger hits than faster hits.  Never run the heater more than 5 seconds if you do not get a hit.  This is likely because you need a refill.  

Step 5

Refill your heater when ever you do not get a hit after 5 seconds of pressing the power button.  Because of how concentrates are by nature, sometimes they will run up the bowl.  Just take your dabber and gather the oils.  We find using the back end is easier to get the concentrate on the heater.  You can also tap the power button to let the heater heat up the dab tool to let the concentrates run down into the heater.  Never pry the heater with the dab tool as you can damage the heater by prying it up.  

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your Wax Maxer Pro vape pen clean will ensure the best flavored hits, as well as a more enjoyable pen to use.   If you never clean it, expect it to get sticky after time.

  1. Use a Tidy Tip and some alcohol daily to whip down the o-rings and any oils that have gotten out of the concentrate bowl.
  2. After 4-8 refills use a Tidy Tip to remove fats and lips in the reservoir.  Pulsing the power button while holding the Wax Maxer Pro vape pen slightly at an angle, the oils will drain out from under the heater.  As it drips out use a Tidy Tip to collect the used oils.

Wax Maxer Pro V2 Vape Pen Maintenance & Cleaning Instructions Video:

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