Super Soaker Manual

The Super Soaker Cleaning Container is the ultimate all-in-one silicone container
perfect for cleaning vape glass, glass pipes, and small parts like bangers, carb caps, etc.

Super Soaker Cleaning Container Instruction Video

Full Instructions and Tips

Cleaning a pipe, wand, banger or nearly any piece of glass.

  1. Put your piece of glass into the Super Soaker.  You can fully submerge up to a 5.5 inch piece of glass, but you can put up to a 7 inch piece of glass into your Super Soaker.  You will have to flip the piece of glass during the soaking process if your glass is longer than 5.5 inches.
  2. Fill the Super Soaker with your favorite cleaner, just covering the piece of glass.  Never fill more than 1/8 inch below the bottom of the indent that the lid goes into.
  3. We recommend adding some large size salt to help scrub the glass
  4. Never ever put your Super Soaker in the microwave to heat up the cleaner with the lid and plug on.  If the cleaner you use says to heat it, it is ok to heat it in the Super Soaker, but you can not ever ever put the lid on with hot liquid.  This can be very dangerous as the liquid will steam up and create a pressure, essentially making a bomb.  NEVER PUT YOUR LID AND PLUG ON YOUR SUPER SOAKER WITH ANY HOT LIQUID.
  5. If you are using your Super Soaker with room temperature cleaner you can safely put the lid and plug onto the Super Soaker container by gently squeezing the lid into the container
  6. With the Super Soaker fully sealed with the lid and plug you can gently agitate the glass.  We recommend cleaning only one piece of glass at a time to avoid the glass from banging each other. 
  7. After some time of soaking, (we recommend overnight, but some cleaners can do the trick in 10 minutes or so.  Also, it all depends how dirty you piece of glass was before you cleaned it) you can remove the plug.  With an empty container, (preferably the original empty cleaner container)  put the spout of the lid over the empty container and turn your Super Soaker upside down allowing the cleaning solution to flow into the container.  
  8. With all of the cleaning solution drained you can now remove the lid by squeezing the lid and pulling.  Remove the clean glass. 
  9. If you need to let is soak more, feel free to use the same solution.  It is still just as powerful as the original solution
  10. Once your piece is clean, we find it a good idea to now rinse your piece of glass with some fresh clean alcohol or cleaner over the sink.  As the cleaner rips the grunge and oils from your pipe, the oils and grunge are melted in the cleaner and will leave a small residue of the oils and grunge when you rinse off with water.  The cleaner is still powerful, but will always leave a residue from the cleaning nature.   Using alcohol will help with this.
  11. Next we like to rinse the pipe with some hot water to get ride of any cleaning residue.

Cleaning a water pipe or rig with the plug

  1. Remove the plug from the lid.  
  2. Insert the plug into your 10mm, 14mm 0r 19mm female joint on your dirty rig or water pipe.  
  3. Now fill your water piece with some of your favorite cleaner through the mouthpiece.  Ad some large grain salt to help dislodge any hard to get resins or oils. 
  4. Shake your piece gently.  You may need to let it soak for some time.
  5. Empty your cleaner from your water pipe or dab rig, or save the cleaner by pouring it into your Super Soaker and then transferring it back to its original container.      




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