What Is A Vaporizer? | Let's Elev8 and find out!

What Is A Vaporizer? | Let's Elev8 and find out!

Published by Elev8 Presents on 9/30/2019


  1. A vaporizer heats your smoking material so the active ingredients vaporizer leaving behind the plant matter.
  2. A vaporizer has the highest bioavailability ranging from 50%-80%.
  3. A vaporizer eliminates combustion reducing tars and carcinogens by up to 90%
  4. A vaporizer is a tool to truly experience the flavors associated with your herbs.
  5. A vaporizer is a cos effective tool to help save you money by reducing your intake.

Let's see what a vaporizer is and how a vape works?

A vaporizer is a device that allows you to vaporize any smokable herb rather than smoke or combust it.  Basically a vaporizer uses hot air or a hot surface to gently heat herbs or oil to a point that the oils reach their vaporizing temperature.  Cannabis is just one herb that has many compounds in it that vaporizer at different temperatures and you can learn more about these temperatures and compounds in the blog called the art of vaporizing.  With the explosive e-cig industry there is still a ton of confusion on what a vaporizer is.  

What is a vaporizer device?

So even though we know what a vaporizer is, we know there is still confusion out there.  So here we will try to clarify what the different kinds of vaporizers there are.  If you are into tobacco you may think of an e-cig or what they call a mod vape.  If you are into cannabis you may think of a desktop vaporizer like the Silver Surfer or must we say a portable dry herb like the PAX (crazy great marketing SideKick has more features and more value).  Anyways we see there are about 4 kinds with a potential 5.  Also, really it feels there are two categories as well for the vape device that we call either a tobacco/nicotine or a cannabis.  The main cannabis vape for a connoisseur to have is a desktop, these units are work horses.  The second kind would be a portable dry herb, with the third being an oil pen (Not for e-juice or cartridges).  Then there is a fourth for cannabis called a cartridge pen (icky, we will talk more about that later).  The next catagory would be the tobacco/nicotine.  These can kinda be 3, but 2 are very popular.  The first is the cheap e-cig in the store that is small and convient that uses a cartridge filled with nicotine juice.  Second there is the MOD vape.  This still uses the e-juice but is more manual and can deliver MASSIVE hits.  Then the thrid would be a dry herb vape, same as for cannabis.  We have found that smokers find tobacco vape straight from the leaf to be very harsh.  This may take time to get used to, using a water cooler, and or a new technique and time.

Short Version

Conduction or convection vaporizing?

A vaporizer will work in 3 ways.  It will either use conduction, convection or a hybrid of conduction and convection.  You may ask the question then "what is better?  Conduction or a convection vape?"  Let's do this and go over both of the methods as well as the pros and cons of each


Conduction vaporizers use the bowl or oven to vaporize the herbs.  Basically the surface is what is heating up the herbs or oils to get them to their vaporizing temperatures.  

Conduction Pros:

  1. Energy efficient
  2. Precise in that you can know the temperature of the heater and it will be true to the temperature that is in contact with the herbs.
  3. Leaves a stronger roasted flavor in your mouth longer than convection.Its weird, but this is just what it is.
  4. More affordable

Conduction Cons:

  1. Only heats the herbs that are touching the surface.  This can lead to an over roast on the outside to get the center.  You can also solve this some by stirring you bowl.
  2. Can give a more roasted flavor from the start then coming on later compared to a convection vape session 
  3. Needs more maintenance like stirring to get good flavor.


Convection vaporizers use hot air to vaporize the herbs or oils.  

Convection Pros:

  1. Herb efficient in the fact that it only vaporizer, when you inhale of, have the fan on.  When you stop inhaling the herb stops vaporizing so there is little waste in un inhaled vapor.
  2. The BEST flavor.  A whip vaporizer will give you the best flavor as you get to taste the herb in small individual sessions.  The bag will mix the hits.
  3. Only a convection vape can fill a bag when equipped with a fan or pump.  The bag makes a desktop more portable compared to a whip vape.  The bag also is easier to inhale if you have bad lungs.

Convection Cons:

  1. Energy inefficient (this is more of a problem for portables as they drain batteries fast)
  2. More costly at the onset, but over time they do pay for themselves.  

Vaporizer Designs


Desktop vaporizers are time tested and they are workhorses.  If you are a vaporizer connoisseur this is your daily driver.  A good desktop should be able to do herbs and oils.  We find that as long as a unit can do herbs, you can mix oils in with the herbs making them all usable for both.  Now,if you want them to do herbs separately then oils you will need a good vape like the Silver Surfer paired with a quartz dab dish.  

Desktop vaporizers tend to have a plug on them so they always have power to them.  With a desktop you never have to worry about a battery going bad or dropping it.  We also find that people vape at home most of the time, so a desktop is great.  


Portable vaporizers are great for people on the go as well as someone on a budget.  You can always use your portable at home so for many a portable is the first purchase.  While this is very logical, its not necessarily the best way to go in the long run.  WHY?

Well, again we find many times people vape at home. Also, a portable has a smaller bowl, can not be easily connected to any rig and just does not give the same great flavor as convection desktop can deliver.  

One thing we have found that if a portable vape says it can do concentrates they usually can and do it well.  The downfall is oils are messy, so when you go back to herbs, there is some cleaning that has to be done.

A portable is also necessary for a dry herb vape connoisseur as once you vape, combustion is not desirable.  Dry herb connoisseurs will not vape oils from these as they are best for what they are designed for and a connoisseur knows this


Vape pens are great for on the go and being the most discrete.  People who like concentrates will love a good vape pen that does not burn too hot to give the ultimate concentrate flavors.  A concentrate connoisseur will use this pen over a cartridge pen as it vapes the oils that they put in.  Vape pens must be left upright so the hot oils will not seep out.


Cartridge vapes are all the rage.   They are even more portable over a vape pen as they can be left on their side without leaking.  This is their pro.  We do not sell any cartridge pens as they are made for people that like flavors, not the flavors of the herb.  Also we find that many times the cartridge pens use distillates so they do not offer the full spectrum.  But for those people that love daiquiris and margaritas these pens just might be what you are looking for.  

This is the vape that all the news is about being maybe not so good.  As vape connissoures we would not use these as these do not allow us to know the herb.


Full Version

Steve has been vaporizing dry herbs for 16 years now so we feel he has some idea of vaping. 

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