What does CFL and Shifty mean? And why and how does it do it?

What does CFL and Shifty mean? And why and how does it do it?

Published by Elev8 Presents on Dec 9th 2018

The Love Of CFL or Shifty Boro Glass Colors

CFL and Shifty help describe a newer pallet of glass that changes color based on the light that it is under.  CFL is kinda a funky term as CFL means "Compact Florescent Light".  This does not mean this glass only changes under a compact light, but more that it changes is apparent color under florescent light.  It is called CFL because this is the term used mostly in today's younger generation that may not even know about the older and still used florescent lighting tubes.  

When did this term and idea start with CFL and shifty glass in the cannabis world?

Back in 2014 Glass Alchemy and more importantly Thomas Grimmett started working on this new type of glass called CFL or shifty glass.  After a ton of R&D the CFL color started coming together with the first color called Serum was born.  After about a year of working on the color Serum it was finally ready for the market and one of the first blowers to use it was Elbo Glass.  
CFL and Shifty Glass

After some more R&D GA started to work on a new CFL shifty color called Terps.  This color was a combination of the secret formula of Serum with the added mineral cadmium.  

The CFL or Shifty pallet of glass is a very neat glass and makes it seam as your art comes form two worlds.  We find the Terps and solarium to be one of our favorites as it it just a lot of fun!

What are are the CFL and Shifty glass colors on the market now?

Each day it seems the pallet of colors is growing!  As of now, here is a list of CFL or shifty borosilicate glass colors on the market.


  • Serum is the first CFL Activated color by Glass Alchemy. This color shifts from a champagne to a rose color as you move it from natural to fluorescent light.
    Fluorescent light = Pink
    Natural light = Champagne

    Visit Glass Alchemy To See Serum
  • Terps is the first cadmium based CFL color on the market. As part of our Neo-Cad™ line, Terps is a highly workable cadmium based color that will shift from Orange to Yellow, depending on the light source.
    Fluorescent light = Orange
    Natural light = Yellow

    Visit Glass Alchemy To See Terps
  • Potion has made a series of evolutions since we first introduced Purple Potion, side by side with Serum. This CFL shifter changed from purple to a brighter purple. Thomas then reworked the formulation and we released it as Potion 2.0. The formulation has been finalized and Potion is now here!

    See Glass Alchemy For Postion
  • Voodoo is a CFL activated color that shifts from Hot Pink to a light grey / cloudy clear.
    Fluorescent light = Hot Pink
    Natural light = Light grey / cloudy clear

    Visit Glass Alchemy To See Voodo CFL Glass


  • Gemini is a collaboration between Northstar Glassworks & Gaffer Glass. As a stable, air free glass with buttery smooth working properties, it will present a beautiful, clean purple in natural light. This glass is CFL reactive & will shift to a light cobalt blue using a CFL with 2700K. This glass can be scratched easily causing surface bubbles, please handle with care.
    See Northstars Gemini
  • Hydra is simply a beautiful light transparent icy green. As a multi-chromatic color, this glass will shift depending on light source and kelvin temperature of the light bulb. This color will present a beautiful green, light blue, and even a very light purple.
    See Hydra By Northstar Glass
  • Siriusly is the newest multi-chromatic color added onto the Northstar palette. As a multi-chromatic color, this glass will shift depending on light source and kelvin temperature of the light bulb. This color will present teal greens, blues, and even a bright purple!
    See Northstar Siriusly Glass
  • Solaria is a cadmium based CFL reactive glass that shifts from yellow to orange. This variation has been reformulated to a more transparent color. This glass contains minimal air content and may vary with light milkyness. Northstar is currently improving this formula to make a beautiful transparent multi chromatic glass. For best results, work on a neutral to oxidizing flame & let the heat sink in to prevent boiling.
    Solaria Glass By Northstar


  • Phaze A bright, CFL reactive magenta.

    This shifting color that falls in-between the purple of Parallax and the pink of Syzygy. Under Fluorescent light this color reflects a bright magenta, and in natural or non-fluorescent light it will shift to a light, almost clear champagne. 
    Trautman Art Glass Phaze Color
  • Parallax is a stunning magenta-purple with a powerful color shift. Under natural and non fluorescent light Parallax is a smokey grey, but transitions to bright fuchsia when brought under a fluorescent light source. Unlike some other fluorescent light reactive colors out there, this shift is obvious and brilliant!  
    Trautman Art Glass Parallax

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