Volcano Hybrid, Digital & Classic Vaporizer Review for 2021

Volcano Hybrid, Digital & Classic Vaporizer Review for 2021

Published by Elev8 Presents on 1/6/2021

Volcano Hybrid/Digital/Classic

The Volcano vaporizer is no doubt worth every penny as with any vape it will save in your herbal consumption, year after year. Our review is basically over the Volcano including the Classic Volcano, Digit Volcano, and Hybrid Volcano. We put these together as we feel you as the consumer and decide which model is right for your needs. The Volcano Hybrid desktop is the newest vaporizer in the Storz and Bickel line of vapes.

Review: Volcano Vaporizer

Value: 7

The Stroz and Bickle Volcano desktop vaporizers are no doubt, like any vape, worth their money and is a great investment as it will reduce your herb intake with the higher bioavailability vaping offers compared to combustion. While this is a super solid vape we did feel that there are other vapes that offer slightly better value for your money. We are not sure why the Volcano costs so much other than they are riding on the German engineering, and no doubt the quality is top-notch and one should always remember there is a saying, you get what you pay for. We do know if you have a Classic or Digital Volcano you can upgrade them to a whip system with an Elev8 Volcano whip system.

Ease of Use: 9

Like any vaporizer, when you first get the kit and have never used one before, OH MAN, what a lot of stuff. The good news is that there are so many how-to videos out there now, that even if you are new, we think you will have an easy time using any of the Volcano desktop vapes. Really, it’s super simple to use. Grinder up some herbs while the Volcano vape is heating up, place them in the bowl, turn on the fan or start in inhale, and your good. Now, you must still find what we call your sweet spot, but once you do that like on any vape, pretty simple to use any one of the 3 Storz and Bickle Volcano vapes.

Reparability: 7

When the time comes to repair your Volcano we feel it is fairly repairable. Finding the parts may be some challenge as you can not find them on the manufacturer's site, but we are sure there are parts there if you look hard enough or call Storz and Bickle for help. For this reason, we had to drop the score down some. We have taken the unit apart and it is fairly simple and well built so if you have mechanical skills, we think you can fix this. If you are not capable, we also dropped the score for this as finding a repair center from their site is hard.

Durability & Stability: 8

With nearly 2 decades in the desktop vaporizer game, Storz and Bickle Volcano vaporizers are for sure durable and stable. So why not a perfect 10? Well, we do know what some of the competition is so we had to compare to the most durable. While we think the stainless steel is AMAZING, the housing is a bit thin, so if you bang it, you may get a dent. Really not a big deal right? I mean look, hit one of our car doors and you get a dent, so really this is an average housing thickness. With the super-wide base of the Volcano desktop vapes, no doubt this is a sturdy vape!

Features: 10

The Volcano Hybrid desktop is loaded with features. While it does have different ones than others we tested, combined this unit is packed full! The Volcano hybrid for sure is top with the whip attachment, but if you do not need that, spring for the more affordable one and get the digital. You can always upgrade the digital to a whip system with the Elev8 Volcano whip system.

Heat Up: 8

The Volcano Hybrid has made vast improvements over the classic and digital in heat up time. While we don’t really care about heat up time, the Classic and Digital did seem to take forever (maybe 5 minutes) so not really. But, this heat-up time is always a question and so for this upgrade with the hybrid, we felt we would give them the 8 as their teammates take a while compared to the Volcano Hybrid. We do find that with a digital display you can more easily find your sweet spot, but for one that can tell time, the classic has the fine-tuning a vape connoisseur requires.

How well does it vape flower?: 10

The Storz and Bickle Volcanos all vaporizer flower the way they are intended and also do a great job of extraction. Really it is all about getting the heat, getting the herb a full roast and dark brown. What we love about the Volcanos are the size of the bowls. Hands down the Volcano has the largest bowl that comes with a unit. Obviously, as Elev8, we can make larger bowls with glass for nearly any vape out there. What we do know is that the more herb in the bowl, the more dense the vapor hit will be. We really love the new Hybrid whip as only a whip gives the vapor rainbow where the user gets the full range of flavor. If you have a Volcano with the Easy Valve, check out the Elev8 Volcano whip system.

How well does it vape concentrate?: 5

Vaping concentrates in reality is a new ballgame for vapes. When the vaporizer first came out, concentrates were not around for shale we say legal reasons. As cannabis became more legal, new ways to consume and say sell were invented. Hence the crazy dab game now. While we are flower people, we also love the way a concentrate hit taste like the first few hits in a flower vape. The big issue we find with a vape that can do both is that concentrates are freaking messy. So, once you start using concentrates in your vape, you’ll be needing to do some major maintenance or deal with a sticky mess.

What we did not like about the Volcano and concentrates is the way the dabs sit on top of the vape. When these oils get hot, they become more viscous, and run inside the Volcano, making an internal nightmare.

We do think that the Storz and Bickle Volcanos work great if you add a little concentrate to the flower, and run the unit as a flower vape, enhancing the flower with the dabs. The flower will be able to soak up the concentrates, keeping your Volcano desktop vape much cleaner for longer than with the metal pad.

Packaging: 7

When it comes to opening this thing up, WOW! It is freaking some really nice packaging! The box feels nice and smooth. It is laid out beautifully and easy to open. So why did we give it a 7? Well, again, when you know what else is out there, this is great, but it is not a handmade bag and most likely the packing of the Volcano will be thrown away in a landfill.

Customization: 5

While we do know the Germans are great at engineering, they are lacking on the creative artsy side. There are almost no custom parts on the Storz and Bickle vaporizer web site. If you want custom, come talk to us, we can make parts and parts for any vape

Maintenance: 9

The Volcano vapes are all easy to maintain. Even if you let it go for a long long time, cleaning a super dirty one is fairly easy. Mostly you just have to keep the screen clean and make sure your bags are good. If you are like us and feel the new throw away valves are a money suck and bad for the environment, check out the Elev8 all-glass Valve and bag. With this, you can make it 10 feet long, the bag that is :)

Set-Up: 9

Set up for the Volcano is simple. While for a new user there is a lot in the box, it is all laid out well with great instructions and we feel most all users will have an easy set up with the Storz and Bickle Volcano vapes.

The final Volcano review outcome is a 7.83

While in terms of numbers, this is not even a B, it is a SUPER SOLID vape and you will be happy you invested in yourself with this Volcano vape. The only reason it is here is that it had to compete against the AMAZING Super Surfer with too many features built right here in America.

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