Vaporizing Tobacco

Vaporizing Tobacco

Published by Elev8 Presents on 6/19/2019

What You Need To Know About Vaping Tobacco.

Today vaporizers have become a norm to the average person.   Many of the people moving over to vaporizers are going to the vaporizer that uses cartridges filled with e-juice.  The e-juice uses glycerin and flavorings along with nicotine to give the user a hit that they are used to from cigarettes.  

Today we want to talk about vaporizing the raw tobacco the way it was meant to be.  In order to vape the dry tobacco you will need to have a dry herb vaporizer.  We recommend the SideKick for a portable tobacco leaf vaporizer or the Silver Surfer desktop vaporizer for you to enjoy your tobacco vape.  Just like with cannabis the vaporizer uses heat to get the oils in the tobacco hot enough so the oils will turn to a vapor that you can inhale.  

What is the difference from vaping tobacco compared to smoking tobacco?

Vaping does not involve combustion which eliminates a lot of the tars can carcinogens found in smoking tobacco.  When a user starts to vape they are leaving behind a lot of the bad side effects from smoking tobacco such as:

  • Lung, heart and other diseases
  • High blood pressure and a high heart rate
  • Chances of developing cancer
  • Discolored teeth and bad smelling fingers
  • Second hand smoke 

Some pros to vaping tobacco are:

  • No tars, stinky smoke or ash
  • No toxic chemicals
  • No guilt from smoking
  • You can vape in most indoor places
  • No fire

Does Vaping Tobacco Or E-Juice Have A Smell?

When you vaporize tobacco there is less smell associated with it then if one is to smoke the tobacco.  E-juice for tobacco vapes also does have a smell, but it is light and usually fruity from the flavors added to the e-juice.  When you stop smoking tobacco you will start to notice in a short time that your house no longer smells like an ashtray.  Your clothes and hands will also not smell bad like if you were smoking. 

Do You Get The Same Satisfaction From Vaping As You Do When You Smoke?

Vaping and smoking are not the same.  If you have been a smoker for many years, converting to vaping is going to be a process that you will need to embrace knowing the potential benefits from vaping tobacco.  Some smokers have a habit that has been developed over many years, so having something small in their fingers like a cigarette is needed.  This is why small disposable vape pens tend to be a good thing for the smoker that needs something in their fingers.

Some believe there are some desires that one gets from the carbon monoxide.  This may not be good to ingest, but it is part of smoking that becomes part of the craving.  When someone smokes the carbon monoxide from the cigarette bonds to the red blood receptors preventing oxygen from bonding to the red blood cells.  This does cause a small form of asphyxiation that many smokers become used to and crave.  

Try to give yourself 2-3 weeks vaporizing tobacco so that you can break the old habit or smoking and to build a new habit of vaping tobacco.  Smoking is one hard habit to break, and has been said to be as or more difficult than kicking heroin.  

Will You Save Money By Vaping Tobacco or E-Juice?

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day it will cost you about $26 each day.  That is about $700 a month and over $8000 in a year.  Vaporizers are not cheap, but as with anything in life you get what you pay for.  People that move to MODs can end up spending about the same as a smoker as they take such large hits.  

People that take on vaping tobacco dry leaves in vaporizer will spend way less than if they were to smoke.  Combustion destroys up to 60% of the active ingredients.  With a vaporizer you will no longer combust the tobacco, making your tobacco last way longer.  Another benefit to vaping is that the bioavailibity from vaping is up to 80%, while smoking is about 30%. 

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