Super Surfer Vaporizer Review for 2021

Super Surfer Vaporizer Review for 2021

Published by Elev8 Presents on 1/8/2021

Super Surfer/Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer has been a leader in the desktop vaporizer game since 2004 with a combined desktop sales of over 150,000 units sold. Why have you not heard of it maybe? Well, we do not spend a ton of money on marketing and rely on word of mouth. The Surfer is hand built & made to order by a small mom and pop team in Colorado. They are actually owned by a glassblower so this is the reason the Surfer is the most customizable vaporizer in the world. While the SSV is not the cheapest desktop vaporizer on the market, we do feel it is one of the best investments. But yes, we are biased as we are the maker of the SSV, but we are fair and as you can see the Super Surfer is the gold standard of desktop vaporizers.

Review: Surfer Vaporizer


The Surfer comes in high, but we just felt nothing can really get a 10. The reason for this is that we do know there are cheaper vapes on the market and they may mean more value to some. We feel that while the Super and Silver Surfer vaporizer do cost a premium, they are less than a Volcano, with many more options, while being built in the USA, and to some, that too has Value added.

Ease of Use:9

The Surfer line of desktop vaporizers is fairly easy to use. Once you get the unit, one can be a bit overwhelmed as there are a lot of parts, hence the value. But, the SSV does come with a good link to a video to help get you started, even with the inventor Steve. With the ability to leave the SSV on 24/7, its always ready for you when you are.


The Surfer gets the highest ranking as the manufacturer is located here in the USA and that is where many of our units are sold, as well as this is where we are based as well. With a 3 year warranty and units lasting decads, you will need repairs rarely. But, like anything parts do wear out. When that happens shipping to get it fixed is much more affordable then sending to another country. You can easily find the replacement parts on the website. There are many videos to help you repair you Surfer at home as well, cutting down on well, down time.

Durability & Stability:9

The Super and Silver Surfer win this category as the unit is made from ¼ inch aluminum, that is maybe 5-10x thicker than most the competitors. With a nice wide base the Surfer is a pretty stable. We can confidently say that the Surfer is the most durable unit on the market because of the super thick housing, as well as the high quality electronic and ceramic heater. Oh, the SSV was the first to use a ceramic heater in the desktop vaporizer industry. If you wand to see how tough the SSV is, check out this video we did when we shot it with a .223 and a .308. They still work!!


This category was a 10 for all the top vapes we reviewed. Why did this happen? Well, as we used each vape we found that they all had features that were unique to it. The main thing we feel a feature is, does it work? The answer to this is yes the Surfer works well and is packed with features. Maybe more than any other in the fact that only the Surfer is designed to vaporize dry herb, traditionally dab like a banger, and diffuse oils and fragrances much like a Scentsy unit.

Heat Up: 10

The Super and Silver Surfer dominate this section. If you turn the SSV all the way up, you can begin to get vape in under 60 seconds. But how did it earn a 10? Well, the SSV is designed to be on 24/7 so it is always ready for you. For this we say it is basically instant heat, as all we do is grinder the herb, pack the bowl and inhale. You can see the SSV destroy the Volcano in a heat up challenge here.

How well does it vape flower?:10

The Silver Surfer was designed back in 2004 for vaporizing flower, and over the years has only been refined on how it extracts. The new spherical flavor disc wand has a large bowl, while maybe not as big as the Volcano, it is big, and will allow you to get large hits. What really got the SSV to a 10 is that you can have any size bowl made for your vape. If you like them small for micro dosing, SSV has you covered. If you need a super extra large bowl, SSV has you covered.

How well does it vape concentrate?:10

This is the category that the Silver and Super Surfer dominate the competition. Only the SSV has a quartz dab dish that lets the user dab like a traditional banger. Why is this important? Well, this is the new way of consuming concentrates, and low temp dabs are the up and coming way for flavor and less harsh on your lungs. . While the SSV and competitors do allow you to vaporize oils from a some kind of pad, only the SSV is also an E-Banger. Even with the pad, the SSV is far superior to the competition in its design. Only the SSV will not allow oils to drip inside the unit, hence the importance of the angle of the dangle.


Yep, no surprise here. With the SSV as the gold standard of vaporizer packaging, the competition just could not compete when they give you a box to be thrown away, and the SSV gives you a bag you can use for the vape, or another carrying case.


The Super Surfer and Silver Surfer desktop vapes are second to non when it comes to being unique. Only the SSV can be adron with any image, that is as stong as a tattoo. If you want something that you came up with, well only the SSV can be called for a custom order. The competition just fails here. I guess this is why America is pretty AWESOME!


The Super Surfer is easy to maintain. Most of the parts are glass can be soaked in alcohol to clean, we really love the Super Soaker for this purpose. The beauty about vapes is they keep it all clean and most are pretty easy to maintain.

Setting up the Super Surfer is pretty easy. While you can be confused for the first time with all the parts, the videos really do help to get you started. Oh, and if you ever have any questions, you can reach the manufacturer, unlike most of the competition.

The final Surfer review outcome is a 9.58

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